Powerful Incense: How good is it?

I think the subject says it all. I do not know what 50 resistance means in terms of reduction. And what is specifically defined as an affliction.

Thank you, all, in advance!

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I totally agree, does 50 mean 0.05% chance lol?

Well, when you get corruption(curse) or blight you have a base of 60 resistance to it. Each tick will take a chunk out of that number and once it reaches 0 you will suffer the affect. What the incense does is add resistance to the affliction so with a powerful incense you would get an extra 50.

So 60+50=110
Now the displayed resistance doesn’t actually update so you end up with this:
Once it reaches the calculated threshold, which in the case of powerful incense -50/60 the effect will take place.

Since the game took its combat inspiration from darksouls, my assumption is that back in the early days, bleed, disease, poison and frostbite along with corruption and blight all worked in the same way, needing to have your resistance threshold crossed to apply the effect.

Now I assume that, since the effects of everything besides corruption and blight are instant, it wouldn’t have any effect.

Now for you main question of how good is it? Well since the chances of getting both corruption and blight is like… zero? So you might as well chug a tincture since you would have more effective resistance with a tincture in literally every case.


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