Praise where praise is due

Dear New World Developers.

Thankyou for creating a technohogical masterpiece.
After sitting through more MMO launches than I care to remember you have managed to launch something that is cutting edge in the MMO scene with regards to Graphics and Sound.
Who knew that chopping wood and mining ore could be so satisfying!

I, for one, enjoy the minimalistic UI with no mods allowed.
The combat system I find innovative and enjoyable - you’re forced to learn how the mobs move and attack as well as how different weapons synergise with each other for maximum effect.

Don’t take to heart to nay sayers here and on other media. This game is clearly not an alpha, beta, it’s a proper release of excellent quality at a good price.

As a software developer myself (if you use any Open Source, I maintain dhcpcd) of many years what I would like to see is not must have feature X but just bring polish. A good example of this would be to make the weavers fen level range not obsured on the map.

Thanks for listening!


so masterpice it took what? 8+ hours last time to patch? This is a failure technology wise.

Also the combat is not innovative, and certainty not enjoyable.

New Team needs more time : “Everything is bad, I’m mad :(”

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You mean this masterpiece with automated banwaves, ridiculous pvp abuses, no shareable quests, no swimming, reused and copied mob-models, one of the worst economies ever, a seriously unbalanced and flawed crafting system and no endgame content which was delayed for over a year and is produced by the gamestudio of one of the biggest mega concerns on the whole planet?

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