Prediction: Firestaff will still be war-banned next update

You’d think with nerfs to void/ice and buffs to firestaff that we will see more of it inside of wars, as opposed to void/ice. I predict the opposite: we will see more void. With a possible influx of fire staff and then back to void.

Firestaff will still offer no utility, only damage. Fireballs will still disappear into the ether because of lag and malestroms, and pillar of fire is only slightly buffed compared to just roll cancelling on live.

Void will still have the most powerful abilities in the game. Scream for root/stagger/heal kill and oblivion for buff removal(stops healing completely). They will be on longer cooldown but this doesn’t mean you want less void players in your war… It means you want MORE.

I concur with this line of thought. We were seeing tanks rolling sword/board + void just to root people for melee to catch and kill.

I’ve seen some FS/IG users pump out a lot of dmg for a war - and the top end players will continue to do so. But most people will focus solely on the meta… Fireball critting and actually affecting its visual radius now, and pillar happening earlier in the animation sequence will be a huge help for people who use firestaff but it’s just not THE META! Until they change void gauntlet from being the juggernaut that it is (lol no chance) the magic meta will always be void + ice

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