Premium winter token?

why does it require 1 vial of azoth per token, when it takes 212 premium tokens. thats insane

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Saw that and immediately bought all the vials on the market lol

i think the 25 normal tokens for 1 premium is already a bit steep to be honest…


maybe, it isnt to hard to get, but yeah for the non tryhards it def can seem grindy

It was the same last year. Also the 25 to 1 conversion ratio is a bit absurd, but they have to keep the player counts up somehow.

I guess this must be a problem on fresh start servers. On legacy we have enough vials to last us a couple of years :laughing:
I currently have 4k vials and I never even bought one.


Yeah I was going to say I didn’t even look at the cost… have over 5k vials just eating up space… I was glad to dump them if anything lmfao.

Sad part is the complete lack of fresh things this time around… tossing a few things into a roster of things from last year isn’t doing much.

I was able to clear everything I wanted after a few hours of Yeti farming and pretty much hung my winter coat up and said I am done, I got what I wanted… event is over…

They need to realize people hate crafting in this game and ditch all these stupid crafting items, remove all the low tier garbage weapons people will never use… and just make it ALL SKINS… then people will farm all that shit up… as it is now 98% of that stuff is trash and wont be purchased by any veteran player.

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I totally agree. All I go for in these events are the skins, housing items and emotes. I don’t craft and the recipes are hard to sell, I still have loads from the first event that I might just drop on the ground. Or maybe keep, who knows it might be worth a lot in a few years :laughing:

Same first time around I farmed up a ton of the crafting items thinking I was going to make myself some cool weapons…

In reality I have a bunch of shit sitting in my inventory I will never use, because the crafting system is a RNG Pachinko Machine…

Maybe you should place stuff like this in the controversial RTA merging with Legacy threads…

Gave up on the event. You need 4k blue tokens to be able to get all the skins and emotes :rofl: mindlesly killing a boss 200 times on average (more or less depending on your luck) is not an event.

Some extra info for ppl for the the boss drops for Warriors Hailspike:

Drop rate Quantity
10% 1 shard
70% 2 shards
10% 3 shards
10% 5 shards

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I don’t know what the drop rate is supposed to be for these, but i have a few dozen hours at lvl 60, and had accrued a whopping 15 of them. (and i think i got many of them before 60 anyway)
Not sure if this is a FSS thing or what, but the 25-1 token ratio isn’t the problem for me, it’s these stupid azoth vials that have no straightforward way to farm.

oh well… at least i had enough to get my cool winter helm skin. :slight_smile:

Azoth vials are fairly inexpensive if one could use the trading post

Last year I got all the tokens I needed from gleamite… Using the Xmas foods to double the yield. Now we also have the yeti boss drops for even faster tokens.

I think it’s fine. Maybe the azoth vials are.rough on FSS though.

How do you know how to farm gleamite ?
I find it crazy the amount of asked token. I think there is a lot more things athan previous year no ?

On FFS it kinda discouraging. You realize you have to do a serious grind to get anything. Then question if will get everything you want.

Then compare how easy and fun the Medleyfaire event was to this?

We need cheaper azoth costs, easier ways to obtain premiums, or the conversion be generous.

RN I have only gotten the yeti pet and tent and been grinding for azoth and tokens since day 1 of the event.

This is very discouraging.

Town trees…aren’t your treest maxed up from town boards to give the highest level of gifts?

I just teleported to all the towns, opened the gifts for tokens and coins and changed the six diamonds into orbs.
Tokens make 5 premium-per day.

Just to clear this out

  • 12 large gift that give you 5 regular tokens each from town trees.
  • 4 mid size gift from each winter villages giving 3 token each

Thats 72 regular tokens form visiting every town and winter villages (not counting extra prem tokens you can get from large gifts from town trees at max level)
Each prem token costs 25 regulars to make. With some luck you can get 5 tokens in total but its not guaranteed, average will still be just below 3 tokens/day.


Excellent point there, the average of all tokens.

Put on a tool with azoth gain and spend half an hour gathering. Skin some thick hides or log some trees for example. Almost no competition and you can sell it for profit easily if you want. You’ll have azoth enough for the entire event in no time.