Prestige Gear Priority bug?

The prestige gear is heavily leaning towards great axe and other melee skill perks.

Gear like the one below keeps popping up. At least just put strength with it?

Overall, I can’t really complain because I could never buy this gear. It would just be nice to not get a melee perk on items like this. Has happened multiple times and not a single mage skill perk on any purple items as well

I’ve seen prestige gear with healer perks,

When it had healing perks though, did it have the proper stats ever? I see them but they normally have dex or strength

Well, ateast your boots are legendary.

Is this intended? That the prestige armor you get as reward as 600 isnt Legendery?

i got 3 legendry so far 2 where focus with spear Bis perk, 1 was useable. also im on track 30