Pretty Sure Luck Food Doesn't Work

Ah yea doubt they fixed it, I would assume alot of buffs don’t work because its not like people would be able to tell the difference unless they did some testing.

Even with luck food its still a very low percentage. I read some where that 1000 luck is 1% increase.

Yeah the best luck food in the game is 2% boost from that 2000 luck. Honestly better off keeping the armors that roll %rare boosts when you power level Armoring. A full set of boosts and trophies in your house, you’ll find them drops a lot better but not that fucing sliver of adderstone hahaha it’s so rare!

food luck works at a rate of 1000=1%

if its working properly

Same feeling with Luck.
I’ve mined with Luck gear plus Luck Tool plus Luck food and I didn’t really see any difference.
One time I got like six units of Fae Iron! Then later I got it with no Luck Gear, Flint Tool, no food.
Seems like the main determiners are the level of the zone you are mining, and maybe some combination of your level plus your trade skill level.

The luck food works, luck on gear works, it just seems the math may be off, or maybe it is displayed wrong.

But basically your luck scales with skill level, so the higher the skill the higher your luck at getting a higher tier item based on the loot table for that node.

No all nodes drop what you think they should, check the NWDB as it has information on most everything including rates and what drops them.

Are there node that seem to be bugged… certainly as I have seen this with the amount of XP some things give are not working correctly.

Maybe I missed it, but would be nice at some point to get clarity from DEVS on this if its bugged completely or just certain nodes.

And this one is the GearScore information for equipment.

On another note:

Can someone tell me why my HP food always overwrites my Mana food? If I use Mana food first and HP foot after it works, but as soon as I eat HP food while I have Mana food active, it simply deletes that buff. It’s so annoying.

What a surprise, right…

So what i’ve learned is luck works a bit strange in this game. I’ll try to explain.
Every time you gather something you have let’s say 1 in 100000 roll
Your basic luck is 0-100000
But lets say the item starts to drop at 110000-130000 luck range.
So when you add luck you moving your basic range and lets say you got 30% mining luck, this will be 30000 luck. So now, your luck is in 30000-130000 range. Notice, if you got the luck range you need to maximaze drop chance, adding extra luck will not do anything. Funny enough, it can actually dicrease it. Cuz say
Iron vein has - from 1-100 iron ore, from 100-110 fae iron, from 110-120 void metal. And if your goal is to farm fae iron you should not pass 110 luck range, cuz then, you add to your drop pull another possible item, so having more luck will be bad in this case :slight_smile:
Where is this sweet spot of luck you need, noone knows, cuz there is no open data base on this topic. But for such simple thing as boulders and sliver of adderstone, i’m pretty sure basic mining luck items covering needed drop range for sure. So you don’t need food.
I hope my 2 cents helped.

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Yup, noticed this as well and it was brought to AGS attention back during Beta, but we never heard anything about it. I guess they are happy with how mana regen food gets overwritten if you dare eat food to help replenish your health. =(

Im glad that somebody else open this topic. I did also several test comparing on 200 mining, 200 harvesting, 200 logging and 200 skining.

More then the +1400 pots i did the test with complet set of luck for each thing, it make no difference at all if you have any item with luck or the pot or without any luck at all.
Nothing that is with luck is working.

P.S: On some items some stats never works, including the dmg, some times i was jumping on dmg and gs increase with like 30-50, the dmg was exactly the same, are just number typed.

This is the change i did and the dmg is the same, those numbers are just ilusional.

Luck is working, but maybe not the way you think it is. Check my reply higher.

I got it! Sad that we will never have this kind of info, what range for each item.

P.S: One more disapointed thing in the game, the more we advance in the game the more bad things we find.

I really hope you are wrong.
A system like this doesn’t make sense whatsoever.

I guess we have to differentiate between different luck systems though.
I can say for sure that monster and chest luck loot system is working fine on clothing perks.
I have yet to test if using pearls on sockets on these items will increase the luck even further though.

I will test luck with gathering but I’m gonna do this once I am maxxed out on all gatherings. Because the skill changes will make it harder to test this thoroughly. And I’m quite certain the skill level (or Item level) is having influence on finding/getting rare drops from gathering. Obviously we also have to take territory into account. Gathering in territory that belongs to your faction will also influence your drops.

I am sure food Mining doesn’t work either. I get less items when mining with the food than without :frowning:

He is actualy 100% correct, i noticed also some epic mat that keep comming out on certain things using certain items but only that exact item, nothing else. So after i read what he explained i got it why i was getting that item, it all become clear.

Yes, every 1 lvl you get 0.1% luck. 200 harvesting = 20% harvest luck.
And i think that the luck on chests and gathering luck are working exactly the same. The only difference is that the chests have way more possible drops. And ofc there are other loot restrictions such as player level, zone level, monster lvl, chest type etc so its very hard to track you success rate of finding something. For example, no matter how much luck you have, you will not be able to get infused health potion from chests in 40-50 level zone.

like most mmos these things maybe dont stack … ???

The things do stack, as I said.

If you first eat HP food and then Mana food, everything is fine. But if you eat Mana first and then use HP food, it just overwrites that.

So either it’s a bug that HP overwirtes Mana or two active food buffs isn’t intended, which would be a bug as well.