Price Fixing on the Market - New Players are being Taken Advantage of

While the option to place buy orders at pennies on the dollar is cool, it is taking advantage of new players. For almost every item on Pyrallis, someone has a buy offer ranging from .01 - 1.00 gold on items that are worth anywhere from 5-35 gold. Those who post these buy offers are bad for the economy of the server. They are taking advantage of players who do not know the worth of the item that they are selling. Once those players obtain enough of the resource, they can just put item x up for whatever it is worth or higher and force those who dont want to gather to pay ridiculous prices.

Suggestion: Add a buy order section (or modify the current one that displays on the bottom right) to the market that shows the average price that the item was sold at over the past 48 hours. This section would highlight the buy orders who are over the average and grey out those that are way below.

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