Price of Marks suddenly gone up by... A LOT?

10k is 105 TRY. Server transfers were 25 TRY now it is 150 TRY. Some people can find it low compared to USD but people’s purchasing power drastically dropped in last 2 years.

Then it could be consistent with AGS having set the exchange rate and the value of the TRY changing considerably, as you said

The price for you has gone up a lot but you are still paying a little over half what US citizens and most of the rest of the world pay. I would have thought that would be a good thing.

I know its a little over half from what other people pays but the price is surreal in this economy. That’s what i said earlier.

I agree with the prices of everything being crazy, but AG has waited. Looking at the date of the Steam suggested price mark up and when AG normalized pricing. They waited long enough.

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