Primetime downtime

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Wouldn’t it be possible to have it based on the regions? Run the fix at different intervals at different clusters.
I would imagine it’d be possible to shut down NA at one point EU at another and so on.

Also not too long ago you had a fix or something like 8am GMT+1, which were perfect as most people are at work, school or something else.

Hope that would be something you’d consider for the future.




sadly, metrics show that now is the slow time. Kids are in school so a large player base is not available to play and another large % “should” be working. :slight_smile:

FIX = Priority

Feels bad for Europe tho


I’m not saying no to the fixes, I’m saying it could be rolled out in different regions than Europe right now. I would not mind if the game went down after every other region to fix it, but it sucks that our primetime in EU gets affected all the time and I would assume most other EU players would agree to let primetime be primetime and roll out the fix later.

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So what AGS are saying is that because they screwed up (again!), a lot of us in the European regions will be unable to play at all today.

Redacted due to foul language, accusations of incompetence and implied arrogance.

It’s 2022 ffs - get a grip.

Actually, hang on, caught my breath now, I give up, not quite sure why I expected more from Amazon !!!


More or less yes, which is again why I think it would be nice if they did a more region based fix and not all regions at the same time.
Do like the American cluster now and the EU one later and so on.

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yes please consider

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Downtime during primetime - #15 by Luxendra?

Which is the one I referred to that one in the very beginning of this post.

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How long do you think the servers will be down normally

Yeah, that is a bullshit excuse for incompetence. They promised regional patching during alpha, claiming that global patching was only for the alpha. But they are too incompetent to figure it out when every other MMO dev managed it.


It was a hint to let it die.

That’s my point! Yes, it’s an annoying screw up on their end… BUT it’s not game breaking enough that people would rather lose out on their evening playing. I know a lot of people who’d rather have the bug and have it fixed a bit later than to have it now.

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True, we already had the bugs for over 24hrs, another few hours until past our midnight would have been ideal for our region.

It’s almost as if they’re running a global game, that runs 24/7, with a crew that only work US timezone working days :roll_eyes:

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The people performing the patch for EU aren’t in the US, they’re working at a datacenter here.

Regional patching… so obvious. Why can’t they do this? There must be a reason beyond incompetence, so something in how the game is deployed must prevent this…but we had them for server merges and such so I dunno

No. Literally the exact opposite. 3pm EST is peak hour.

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That still comes down to incompetence. If they were competent they would have designed the game so that regional patching was the default way to patch.


Even more reason to just wait until like 8 am!