Priority Combat Bugs for the February Update

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who needs a cool down when you can icestorm ice spike and 1 hit everyone infront of you

Maybe I should be clear on what must occur for a ice spike to be successful. It’s not as simple as spamming a bunch of left clicks.

  1. enemy must be in range
  2. the hit must land
  3. the IG player must double-tap the skill at the right time to get the full burst or it can overshoot.
  4. And commonly ignored by those that complain about Intelligent weapons the most… Mana drain. If there isn’t the mana to trigger the skill they have to wait to use it.

The only reason IG looks powerful right now is that it is successful when used against a group. OPR & Wars. And the VG screams gives a root to allow the ice spike to land. It is much more challenging in any small group fights or even 1 on 1s.

I personally hate the IG because it is so limited. I don’t know of anyone who uses windchill and Pylon is practically a running joke. But as a mage my options are limited.

Thanks for the reply! I hope the writeup is helpful to the devs and I’m always available if more info is needed.

They need to stop with the meaningless % things. Like 4.6% more slow time. Slows are already 1 to 2 secs what is the % of that …nothing. Make them sane things like .25 .5 .7 1 sec then you actually get a buff.

Idk why devs or anyone from new world would think releasing a major update that breaks chest that give everyone bis drops for a whole day isn’t fixed by simply taking away that bug the next day.

If you keep separating your players by giving half good shit and half nothing this game will be dead in days. I’m tired of some people getting bugs that improve their game and I always get bugs that ruin mine. Fucking broken ass game I’m so tired of playing.

AGS devs don’t read.

This is very constructive. Thank you for the time put into this.

Stuns bypass grit, interrupting the attack that gave grit, but do not remove grit. This is most blatant for the spear for the vault kick into sweep, as the receiving player can roll when the sweep connects without taking the knockdown first.

This must have taken you a considerable amount of time. I would hope this is exactly what the testing and engineering teams need to get these into tickets and prioritized. Really impressive work, from all of us that don’t exploit bugs and can handle a loss like an adult, thank you. We’re anxiously awaiting a more balanced playing field and you might have made this possible, at least for a brief moment after these are patched and before new bugs are leveraged. I’ll happily take a few days of real competition. You the real MVP.

@Shadow_Fox @Luxendra Please Read and forward this post to the devs, Morrolan is the man when it comes to testing in the guild. Very insightful and definitely needs to be touched upon! Thanks in advance.

It’s never gonna get fixed. This is a PvE focused game now, through and through. Spreading awareness of pvp bugs/issues is not going to improve the pvp in this game. AGS has chosen to focus entirely on their dogshit PvE.

You forgot to mention the 3-4x hits with Ice Spike due to the unique condition that allows the split projectiles to all hit a single target.

People defending it claim it’s very difficult to hit, but just requires practice and timing. If you also equip VG for the extra root, you can pretty much guarantee the extra hits.

Thank you for the effort. Great post and great read OP

Goddamn late to the party but I disagree.
Root is way deadlier than stun. And frostbite is a long duration root that serves the same purpose. You can dodge or avoid damage apart from block.

I vote OP be elevated to Dev.


Did you get any response from the Dev’s? This seems like such a helpful post, but maybe the Dev’s are too busy, or there aren’t enough Dev’s looking into this particular issue. I am hoping you got some kind of a response where one of the community members provides a possible solution. (and not just complaining about problems like many of us players do)

In the context of Physical Aversion or Elemental Aversion setting IsStackable to “true” seems like a bug fix delivered on a silver platter

Were any of these fixed in PTR?

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