Priority in queues

So this is just a suggestion dont roast me in the comments, but here it is. maybe give priority for people who have played since the first beta last year and or to people who have played in all the betas, I know you guys can find records of it. this just proves that people supported the game from an early stage and with these queues this could be a nice way of saying thank you to those players.


yea +1 im alreeady in queue for like 4 hours and i bought fucking deluxe and cant even play this

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yeah if you dont get on before people get off work you cant play the whole day rip

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I disagree with this and it shows favouritism to a particular group of people. It doesn’t benefit new joining players which essentially is what they need to target. high numbers of interested players keeps good games going. not a good move to do right at launch. Key thing is they need to move with mega pace to ensure they up their capacity. ideally before the demand falls off or another game comes along and swipes the playerbase

yeah then instead of calling the game new world, they can call it new queue. because there is no way around the queue after 4pm when people get off work. if you don’t join before 2pm you are actually fucked for the rest of the day, even tho there is a lot of server for eu everyone of the still has a lot of people in queue and if they don’t the server is low pop which means residentsleeper gameplay.

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tu est un pigeon, ça t’apprendra :slight_smile:

as a beta player, that a horrible suggestion.

favoritism and envy are not what you want to foster in communities already prone to toxicity, and we arguably already played and enjoyed the game more before launch than many of those who purchased it.

its not about envy or favoritism, its about being thankful to those who supported in a early stage like every other game do. either give a unique skin or something else, and server priority is deadass nothing in these queues.

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