Prisoner on ghost server


Since my friends are playing on the Jacquet server, I switched there when we were first given the right to transfer. The server is now completely empty. I reached level 60 a long time ago. Currently, no party is established on this server. There is no activity. I can’t make money and pay my rent. Because nothing is sold. We’ve never even played “Outpost Rush.” There is no war. The working areas of the cities are constantly losing their level.

I bought this game to play. Not for jail time on a ghost server. You have already lost hundreds of thousands of players. Your mismanagement continues in this way on all the players left on the ghost servers. They are about to leave the game completely. Because it’s like we’re playing the game as one person.

I want to transfer again. I want you to transfer me to the “Hades” server. I paid money for this game. I don’t want to play on ghost server like this because of your bad management. All of the players on all ghost servers have left the game. I don’t even see 50 people on the server. Still want to continue this mismanagement?

Do you want all players like me to delete the game?

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Well, you made a terrible mistake to follow your friends. ‘If they jump off a bridge, will you jump also?’-mama


What does it matter?
My friends opened their characters on an empty server because they couldn’t open characters on my server.
When this server was completely empty, they used their rights and left, but I have no rights.
It’s not my fault it’s due to bad management mr lawyer.

How many times have I opened a topic?

Please give an official answer. I beg you. I’m really at the end of my patience.

Quite prisoner 2958 !!! Joke joke they will be merging servers I imagine pritty soon take advantage of the quiet server and farm some high end mats :slight_smile:

Some nice friends you have

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All that voidbent for yourself. I am jealous. I bet you have capped your watermark already too! No competition.

How am I going to do the things you say on my own? I dont have any idea.

Hi @100EvilEye!

As I understand, you used your transfer token to moved to the server “Jacquet”.

Transferring again will require an additional token. Our team will continue monitoring world populations, queue times, and will evaluate the need for an additional wave of server transfer tokens to be given out for free.
We will later make server transfer tokens available for purchase in the store. We will give notice ahead of time when tokens are changing to a paid service.

You can find more information about server transfer here:

Server Transfer Update

[Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2

Thank you for bringing this up.

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