Private Worlds With Amazon Prime

Fallout 76 does something very similar with Fallout 1st subscription. We know AWS can handle this since FO76 already does it, spinning up server instances on demand. It would provide a work around for resource scarcity/botting /camping issues, while also allowing for better FPS/latency when you don’t really need to be on a public server. FO76 allows up to 8 friends to be able to join your private world, so if this was a thing with New World you could invite over your buddies to run instanced content, or just hop back to your public world when you want/need to group with others.

Other benefits to Fallout 1st subscription involve infinite materials crafting storage space and monthly in game currency allotments, both of which could also be added to the Amazon Prime benefit.

Things such as this just might bring back players, as I know I would start playing again if Private Worlds were added.



Ill start by saying 76 wasnt an mmo it was a garbage money grab made from fallout4 leftovers, don’t suggest anything from that game unless you want to start paying real money for storage and basic housing.

The scarcity of resources could more easily be resolved by better design decisions like instancing resource nodes to each player in PvE or providing a gathering quantity buff.

Game design shouldn’t entail creating a problem and selling the solution. Any number of changes would lead to better quality of life without forking over more cash.

I’m happy to support the game buying cosmetics, I’d even pay for a sub with minor bonuses but no way in hell do i want to PAY TO PLAY WITH LESS PEOPLE or have storage & housing behind a paywall.


Private Worlds yes but not for a subscription.
Genshin impact’s core game model is private worlds and it works great.
But even before we can have private worlds, settlements have to be completely separated from player influence so you and your 8 friends don’t have to no-life it to sustain your Tier 5 stations at even a single settlement.

Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

Yes. It has been suggested several times before and it is a great idea.

@Lane @Shadow_Fox
I would absolutely buy a PAID DLC if it allowed my to have a private world .

Things that could be in such a DLC:

Control what monsters are in my Private World. and how strong they are.
Control whether PvP is allowed or not ( maybe I don’t even allow the PvP flag to be on)
Build my own town if I like Or use the pre built towns

Basically be able to adjust everything as in Fallout worlds ( as seen in the trailer here but in New World. )
There is absolutly no downside to having this in New World as it does not take away from the base game and for people who buy it we can play with freeeeeedom.

u drunk?

why play an mmo then?


Private worlds are in tons of multiplayer games… like Minecraft and ARK as an example. They are uber popular.

didnt know Minecraft is a Story Based Pvp Mmo… or Ark :face_exhaling:

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but if u really want this “own” world, use the token, transfer to a 40 people server. enjoy :smiley:

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Doesn’t matter what type MMO… “Story driven” is for the base game. The private world is own personal playtoy. More sandbox.

shouldnt be allowed to take any items, coins or anything else from the “sandbox” world into the normal world then.

Yes I agree. I would hope the private world would be start from scratch

I’m sure bots would agree.

so you want to take development resources from an MMO game to satisfy those who don’t want an MMO game? That’s what I’m reading.

explain i dont get it :thinking:

Resources. Bots make money by farming resources and players pay it because they don’t want to compete with bots, or other players, or campers. Private worlds would allow players to gather without bots or campers, thus negating the bots advantage.

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they would just farm in their own bot world…

Hey, I am just putting it out there that I’d buy it.

I am also Pro premium subscription if the devs ever see this thread. IF it adds the AWESOME stuff that ESO has on their sub. More bank space, more “backpack” , unlimited crafting bag, extra exp killing monsters, and in NW a big boost running. That has been discussed on these forums multiple times as well.

And that’s fine, but so can players, negating the advantage.

not really, all ressources would be worthless

Not worthless. Would the market value drop? Sure. But there will always be those players who don’t want to gather and willing to buy. Prices would be more reasonable and not inflated as they are now.