Probably the best patch ever. Wonderful Job!

OPR are really clean, desyncs have been solved, game experience is really really much better,

Its so great to play NW again like, I hope that things will keep on that way :star_struck:

Well done AGS team, great job, a big step to make NW one of the best MMO have been reached,

Please if possible tell the devs big thanks for hard work and for this patch. :smiley:
@Luxendra @Shadow_Fox



I’ll pass your kind words along to the developers for you! So happy you’re enjoying the patch.


Ill jump on here also, nice job with this one


Thank you very much ! :smiley:


Thank you for the kind words!


This hasn’t been solved… The interruption bug was but not desync. Otherwise yeah, nice work on the new patch! so far…


yep the patch is the nicest thing, now the only thing missing is server merges to be able to enjoy it.


a patch that, at least for me, has given me back the desire to play. It’s been a long time since I enjoyed it as much as today. good job and keep it up.

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Amazing quality of life added on this patch ! BUT

first of all : Sorry for my english im French

The ‘’ in combat system ‘’ is killing all dynamic in the game.
You cant change items / weapons while in fight.
I explain my self : imagine you are farming with a gathering set flagged pvp If someone attack you, You have NO option than to RUN for 20 sec straight without taking any hit or any aggro from anything to then be able TO SWAP to your PVP gear !
Like wtf?
Before you could hide behind a rock fast tab and swap your items and fight back but now you are locked for 20 SECONDS IF u managed to dodge every thing overwise it reset.
This apply to pve encounter aswell / chest run with luck gear every thing is a pain in the ass even if u want to farm and kill some monster equiping unequiping your luck gear is atrocious.
Please remove this feature or adjust it to 2 sec, it is going to mentaly break many players.
All the rest IS AMAZING work ! very pog and very well done <3
But this new feature is the worst thing i have ever seen in any pvp game in my entire life.
Best regards love you all keep up the good work i ve faith in NW !!

Did you check your internet connection… ? no just joking :smiley:

Interessting reply, tbh for my part ive played many OPR’s yesterday and into many hard situation with ice showers,rift etc… i could maelstrom decently, i could charge or counter attack without being struggling into desyncs,rubberbanding or rollbacks.

Maybe sometimes some hit were not registered, idk ? not sure about this…

I will continue to post feedbacks for sure if i see something weird,

I think generally id be healthy for the game if we get a weekly server restarts for performance issues like that.


It could be daily restarts like what wow had. Everyday a 04:00 or something when the least amount of players playing.

Everything at this patch is great , but we need layer system (but layer system shouldn’t work on warr or fort attack + cross server’s as soon as possible , and if possible increase the number of words. Btw thanks ags.

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yes, it is a very nice patch, it is so beautiful that I can hardly keep myself from deleting the game in the face of this beauty.

I enter OPR and I die walking down the rood (musket hit 3 time 4k-5k-5k)
If I can reach the flag without dying IG, İce shower ( forevery Frezy) Icestorm 350-400damage on 0.33s Fire staff (now) 3-4k damage each hit YES REALLY BEST UPDATE! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

+1 on a great patch

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