Problem and suggestions

1:side quest I notice quest xp not incresing for example quest level 20 give 2k something some level 40 give 1830 its suppose higher level give more xp not lower.

A: Why new world love capped thing azoth cap storge cap faction point cap, can’t craft tire 3 or higher without refining reagents almost all mmo with crafting system when u want to craft tire 4 for example you need tire 2 with tire 3 to craft.

B: The faction point ravenger cap and 15k and the chest require 12k i want to collect faction point when i need something then i have enough why should i do quest again because the cap. the azoth i suggest making azoth bag diffrent tire to store more azoth.

C: The storge 1 iron ingot 0.3kilo while feather 0.1kilo how is that possible if its slots rather than killos it will be fair or rebalance items wights.

D: Can’t do expedtions without key and the key not easy to craft if i want xp either framing mobs or grinding crafting material or do quest the quest porblem i mention above when i want to farm expedtion can’t because with the orb

3: No new players in some server its economy problem everyplayer leveling up who will buy the low tire staff? Few server with bigger capacity will be perfect better than alot of server with lower cap who will buy my week potion all server member above level 20

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