Problem selling items from shed

I was trying to sell some mostly junk items just to be rid of them. The items were in my shed and I was trying to sell them to partially fill other players buy orders. My storage shed is about 2/3s full and I only have two sell orders no buy orders. I am trying to sell to a trader in the same town as the storage shed is in. I get the insufficient items error any time I try. I quit the game and jumped back in and was able to sell twice then it started happening again and since has continued.

I can take the items out of storage then sell them and I can leave them in the shed and do a sell order. The only time it doesn’t work is when I try to just sell while they are in the shed.

I submitted a bug report but am curious if anybody else is experiencing this and if they were able to do something for a fix. Lucky the shed is right near the trader so only a small inconvenience but would be nice to be able to sell from the shed again.


i just had extream errors trying to sell from the shed. and my person. cant place an order at all storage is full. cant move since i just purchased alot so i drop some … cant pick it up in parts or whole. cant sell it so many errors in such a short time. i am complely lost in why the quality of this game has dropped to that of before in alhpa. this isn’t an alpha this shouldn’t have this many bad erors. 0 testing it shows me we are not ginny pigs devs. we paid for a working game!

yes, some people mentioned it on my server, and I had the same problem with Iron and tough hides. I had enough storage and tried to sell to an existing buy order.


Yes, same as you.

cant plase a sell order.

I got multiple issues trying to sell since this patch… weird how they took a game that work and broke basically everything.

i get insufficient funds whenever i try to sell anything from a storage shed

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