Problem setting Camp

I changed a few of my keybinds, including replacing W for moving forward to LMB(Left mouse button). However, because of the change, I can not make camps. when I press ‘Y’ I can see the skeleton, but when I click LMB nothing happens.

Does anyone know a way around this?

Simple solution, return your keybinds back to default.

I guess you missed the question which stated if anyone knew a way around it.

Isn’t it the (e) key to build your camp? Have you rebound this key?

I changed a few keys around but I am pretty sure ‘Y’ is the default key for camp. ‘E’ I believe is the default for ‘Give up’

Y is for the skeleton but e is for applying resources by default I believe

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Hi there, LazyTurtle79. I’ve moved this to the support section as our support team may be able to help you get a solution.

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Sure thanks!

No problem, hopefully they get back to you soon!

I was able to find a solution to this problem by mistake. When I press ‘Y’ I get the camp skeleton, then the UI shows press LMB, which is the default basic attack button, to place structure, however, I changed my default attack button to R. I mistakenly pressed R and it worked

It appears the Camp uses whatever the basic attack button to place structure, but the UI will show the LMB regardless.

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