Problem with a story quest

After doing the tasks for the plot so far, the game told me to get 40lvl to continue, after doing it I got a task to get the “Summons Letter” but nowhere does it show where to get it or anywhere on the internet I do not see that it is necessary at all, so I conclude that after getting 40lvl i should get it automatically but nothing happened when i go to the journal and try to restart the quest everything fixes up but when i exit the journal again she tells me to get a summons letter. I would like to ask you to rectify the matter quickly because I have not been able to continue the game for 2 days.

I use a translator because I do not know English well, so sorry if there is something you do not understand

A lot of players have same issue. Guess nothing can be done. And you will need to wait till Monday. In another same thread community member wrote they will just give to a players with this bug extra 3 days after fixing it.

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Do you know when exactly they will repair it? Because I really want to continue the game

I have this problem too, I don’t know what to do now. It remains for us to wait for the repair

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