Problem with changing server

I started playing on server, but then it turned out that my friends are on other server. Here’s problem i did not get the free token to transfer. I looked in shop and everything also i did not changed the server earlier. Woult it be possible for me to get the token from developers? All i am asking is to have a lot more fun playing with my friends and surely it is a bug.

I’m in the same boat, burned the free token the first day because a friend told me to join the wrong server. And the second token was used to get into a higher population server when the server I was playing on went to ~100 player count.

AGS support basically told me I’m SOL and am now stuck alone, while all my friends are able to transfer and play together. I’d BUY a server transfer, but AGS has removed that from the game for…some reason. I was also told to just create another character on my friends’ server, but I don’t have the ability to sink *ANOTHER 700 hours into a second character just to that I can get to the level i’d need to be at to play with said friends.

Really not an enjoyable experience playing alone, guess it’s time to move on to another game.

@akolano39 if you had a previous token, you will get an extra to use (for a total of two) but if you didn’t previously have one, you’ll only have one. All server transfer tokens will be in the store in the same tab. However, with this being explained. Unfortunately, there are currently no plans to add additional transfer tokens. If/when that changes we will be sure to announce it for players. We can get this feedback to our team though, but no promises can be made for a potentially positive outcome at this time!

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