Problem with rendering of fog, trees and other objects

Hi, I’m having problems with rendering fog, trees and objects, at a certain distance fog and trees appear ahead, and if I go back they disappear, I’ve tried all the game and nvidea panel settings and I couldn’t solve , running the game on an ssd, gtx 1070, i7 8700k 16gb RAM.

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Im having the same issue and flickering lights too.

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Did u find any fix?

can you post a screenshot of your settings? I noticed this rendering “pop in” effect when on the lowest graphical settings.

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Hey, Im playing on High profile. I had changed everytinh from low to very high, same issue.

Are you using Win10 or Win11?

Got the same problem.
No reactions here anymore?


No, the problem continues

I’ve basically tried all variations of settings, low, medium, high, very high, and nothing has changed

I use all settings on high

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