Problems with Crafting/Craft Mods

Timeless shards were a very great addition to the game but ever since then the price of craft mods went up. For example, Iron Guardsman Insignias run for about 420-450 on Camelot. For 5 timeless shards crafts using constitution mods (50) I pay about 23k gold. It would be nice to see these types of items in faction shop, maybe add a 24hr cool down after buying 10-20 like the Runic Leather, Asmodeum, Phoenixweave, etc. It is very frustrating because if you do not own Everfall or Windsward it become very difficult to pay to craft. A lot of people want to try and craft “Best in Slot” gear/weapons but they don’t have 25k to spend on CON craft mods alone. Buying Asmo, RL, and PW is already expensive as it is. + Crafting BiS could take 1 or 100 rolls depending on how the game feels that day. I have full trophies for armoring and jewel crafting but at this point it is better to save your money and buy BiS than trying to craft it. Another idea to possibly get more craft mods out there has to do with salvaging. Let’s say I loot a chest piece with full Constitution. If I salvage the item I get the possibility of getting an Iron Guardsman Insignia. Or if I had a Lifestaff with full focus, if I salvaged I would get Softwood Prayer Beads. If I have an item with a split stat then you would get the craft mod that gives that split.
I’d appreciate any feedback or recognition that you guys see this at all and I hope to see these ideas in the game soon.

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