Problems with house rating points in New world!

The game does not correctly accrue points in the rating of the house. Today, after the next update of the rating points, they fell from 393000 to 35. Although all items are standing correctly and since the previous points update, only one box knocked out of chests in the open world has been added to the interior of the house. This problem has been repeatedly and not one of me! Please explain why this is happening. To buy donat things in the store and generally deal with houses in the game after this, many completely lose their desire! Thank you in advance for the answer!

Housing points are almost only connected to zone activity at the moment.
Decoration is currently more like a “just for fun” thing.

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So my house in one area (57 standing) without changing anything moves from 270k to 150k to 70k to 198k to 263k to 50k points over the last days…

good job Amazongames,. goood job…

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