Profession progression in New Worlds future

Hey, so I’ve never posted on a game community forum before, mainly because I never thought any input would be read. So thank you to the New World staff that seem to actually read this stuff.

I have an idea for endgame profession progression, in most games I have ever played they expand on professions by adding something new (Jewelcrafting in WoW BC for example). I have never felt this adds much to the game aside from a steep incline of players using limited resources and overpriced “jewlery” or whatever has been expanded upon.

New world has a unique set up that could implement a system that builds vertically instead of horizontally. So for example adding a profession like “Siege Master” that would require 200 furnishing, 200 weapon smithing, and 200 engineering to begin leveling. Items crafted could be siege ladders, moveable shields etc. Another example could be “Skill builder” 200 Armor, 200 wep, 200 arcana and the profession would craft an additional ability or something (similar to League of legends side abilities)

These are the two okay examples I felt I thought of but anyways just an idea I had to make this different than the other mmo’s I’ve played.

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Wdym by an additional ability

So it could add an additonal ability slot linked to an item that only those people with 200 armoring weaponsmith and arcana could make or something (since this would be later in the game 250 or whatever the next cap is if there is one.

My main idea is just to have there be a build up where several professions maxed unlock other ones that make sense relative to the ones unlocked, so siege master with furnish engi and wep smith makes sense to me since they all apply.

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