Promised "second transfer token"

Hello, i remember a couple weeks ago it was stated in the patch notes regarding by end of november there would be the option for a second transfer token if im not mistaken ( ill try to find the original post) i know a lot of things have happened since the original post but does anyone know of any update or if there was a follow up regarding whats going on with that? i know they are prioritizing the server merging but in prior posts they did emphasize transfers and merging being coexisting features that were upcoming. i had used my tranfer early on when it first became available to join some friends in NA WEST theleme, but then everyone started migrating and i was left alone stuck while everyone went to a more populated server, so ive been on the fence of just dealing with being a lone purple on an entire green only map, or jst start a new character

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As you know, some weeks ago our team shared in the tread [Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2:

“We are looking to provide a second round of server transfers. Estimated timing is before the year’s end. We will keep you updated if that changes.”

After that, due to the issue experienced with the transfer token, this feature was disabled: [Notice] Addressing Server Transfer Tokens

They said in that thread:

We know that there has been a lot of discussion about future server transfer tokens and merges. At this time, the team is still in discussion on how these will work but once we know, we will provide information in the Official News channel.

At the moment the team still working in the server merges and, as soon as I have more information about the future of the server transfer tokens I’ll make sure to let you know.

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so pretty much im stuck playing alone just crafting till every “update” is posted bit by bit for post game content? everyones flagged now becase of the bonuses so cant really find anyone whose trying to do the same runs as i am since map is all green. but thanks for the reply, ill just wait until servers get merged or something before i play again


i feel u bud after 700 hours me and couple of my friends are done playing There was a mix up to where our guild was transfering to adn a couple of us transfered to the wrong server was told make a new character LOL haha yeah no, no help to people that acually want to play the game and arnt hackers or exploiter and no punishment to those that are the hackers and exploiters why not help the ones that are genuine to kleep players playing instead we just wanna quit and thats happening alot in this game

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after 700 hours me and couple of my friends are done playing There was a mix up to where our guild was transfering to adn a couple of us transfered to the wrong server we play with Real life friends and now 3 of us are stuck on a different server the our guild and friends and were told make a new character to play well im sorry after 700 hours on this character with crafting skills maxed and such yeah no i rather not so me and the 30 people we play with on another server are throwing in our gloves

Hello, @Dloewen2002

We are very sorry to know about what is happening with your account @Dloewen2002 our dev team is working hard to add the tokens ones again , for further information about server transfer please check out the following thread

At the moment the team still working in the server merges and, as soon as I have more information about the future of the server transfer tokens I’ll make sure to let you know.

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thats what i got

Second transfers would be welcome because some of the higher population servers are quite dead with no groups able to do end game content. I joined the second largest EN server in EU but then all the EN companies left so now I’m trapped on a server with no native speakers that likely won’t get merged.

i mean i just dont get why have it in the shop and not provide the option to buy the transfer, other games charge in game currency (cash shop gold etc) to transfer servers etc, isnt that a better idea instead of just “giving away” a free one to everyone but just have a small flat rate instead ?

If they enabled server transfer tokens right now I would wager about half of those purchases would be the bot farmers transferring gold and items from low pop to high pop servers. The solution they are working on is to make sure these tokens are for actual gamers and not the scumbags trying to ruin the economy and make a profit from our game.

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Hello @Hellokinnie !

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your feedback. Just like @thezikaz said, the team is testing and evaluating the impact caused by people exploiting the transfer tokens and any other possible scenario involving individual character transfers. The current status it’s not ideal and we are working to deploy the best solution. For now the team is deploying multiple server merges. Here’s a list of the upcoming merges.

Keep an eye on the official news for future updates on transfer tokens and world merges.

Thank you for your patience and understanding! :new_moon:

I think most people would accept offering them in the cash shop at the very least even if you plan to roll out a second free server token at a later date.

Not gonna happen they will be exploited, that was said if the post above.

Hey @bettercallconnolly!

For sure sounds like a great alternative and probably the dev team is already considering it as a solution, but as I said, every variable and possible outcome needs to be considered when deploying changes that might have repercussions on the game economy and player interactions. Again, big thanks for all the patience and understanding while we get this issue sorted. :new_moon:

Any news on the second round? Kinda expected the entire world set to merge so I went to the only populated server in the world set only to get stranded when it was the only server left out of the merges. Totally locked out of playing with my friends now, can’t even make a new character without deleting 600 hours of work.

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Same issue here man, this sucks

In another post, i saw a dev reply that it will be coming early 2022… so im assuming with the next big patch.

years end its almost here please give those who need the tokens a way to get them or your gonna lose even more customers

+1 server token or finish the merge of world sets please holy fuck, basically waiting 10 weeks to play now.

Hello Everyone!

We understand there were some issues going on and be sure Devs are aware of those and working hard to implement fixes. We deeply apologize for that and thank you for being patient with us.

Regarding the question, second round, when? That’s a great question @OdinBendu! We have really good news on that, as @Adanxx said(Thanks for that) Devs are currently planning to release a second round of transfer tokens in early 2022. This may change depending on the feedback and data they receive.

See official news in post below.

For more news on this or related topics see.

Have a good one all of you guys! :joystick: :smiley:

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Hello @Xiemanox Welcome to our forum community!

Interesting information you got here for devs to check it out. we really appreciate your help and taking your time to create this suggestion.

Let’s go ahead and post it in Game Feedback - New World Forums for consideration.

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