Proof for fresh start servers (links inside)

Game Dev (game director) saying we will have fresh start server news soon


2nd Game Dev saying we will have details coming soon ( thanks @ShinoSeven )


2nd Game Dev also hinting at fresh servers (this one is very new on the 28th)
(Scroll up and you can see she is directly replying to someone asking for fresh start servers)


Forum Moderator saying we will have fresh start server news soon


2nd Moderator -Asking players if they have any questions about upcoming fresh start servers


DATAMINED - Fresh Start Twitch Event (2nd line. Fresh Worlds. Fresh Economy. Fresh Start.)


Several new servers were just created for that fresh new start feeling yet your entitlement persists. Delete your character, fresh new beginnings


They are fresh start servers with transfer capability iirc?

I’ll be a returning player (only got to level 52 upon release) and I’d welcome a fresh start server without transfer capability. I’d delete my old character in order to learn the game again on a server with a fresh economy.
I’ve been levelling up a new character yesterday just to get back into the feel of playing and whilst I’m not keen on the combat, I do very much love the immersion of New World! I like WoW and Fortnite style graphics and this is the first game to make realism style graphics fun for me.
Im not going to be racing to end cap, I’ll likely enjoy the quests and level up all professions as I go, as I do like to be self sufficient, as I find auction houses far to expensive a lot of the time and I’ve never been a rich player of an AH fiend. :slight_smile:

Hope the fresh start servers open soon as I really want to get cracking! :slight_smile:


Great info! Thanks for your work with the links :slight_smile: Keep it updated if you find anything else ^^

There’s also more confirmation by Katy:


can’t wait to come back and feel the community again early level new world it’s one of the best feelings in MMO games that I felt, i hope no server transfer for at least a year


There will likely be necessary transfers (or merges) within months. Let’s not pretend SUDDENLY players who quit already will not quit this time. We are inching toward Archeage levels of “fresh starts” …

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Thanks for sharing this info with us.
I don’t have Twitter, so it’s much appreciated!

Not if they improved the game. If the game is better fewer people will leave. Lost Ark is proof of that. Still hitting over 200k concurrent nearly 8 months after release. If the game is great and continues to improve the population may even grow.

And the fresh servers will naturally be merged with other fresh servers first. By the time they have to be merged with legacy servers it will be a long time away at which point it won’t matter.

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The game is much better. But I strongly doubt that the millions of people who quit will be long-term satisfied with the changes. There is still not much content. There is one OPR map, one arena map and no leader boards, hardly any world PvP, no raids and little PvE content. There are still fewer high level dungeons than any other major MMO on market.

What I think will happen is fresh start servers will just put a stain on existing servers because a lot of current players will make the switch (which also goes to show that content is lacking if THAT MANY current players are willing to start over).

Fresh start servers are not good. Their need generally shows major flaws in game design. Just look at the mess that is archeage and its constant cycle of fresh starts

Happy to be wrong, but the Renaissance is going to be short-lived. If you quit within 2-3 months the last time (the majority of quitters), I don’t see anything that will keep them longer this time.

You are a true hero for finding all these links and articles haha. Thank you, hopefully these debby downers and forum warriors will see this post and chill out for a bit.

My pleasure :slight_smile: I’m super excited to get going too!


PLAY IN {worldName}
<font color={colorHex1}>You can only have 1 character in the </font> <font face=“lyshineui/fonts/nimbus_bold.font”><font color={colorHex2}>{worldSetName} World Set</font></font><font color={colorHex1}>.</font>
If you want to play in another {worldSetName} World, you will need to delete this character in {worldName}
If you have friends playing in other {worldSetName} Worlds, you will not be able to play with them.
Only new characters can be created in {worldName}. Characters cannot transfer to and from this Fresh Start World.
Characters may transfer to and from this world.

from Globalcommontext.loc.xml [aka start screen]



But for how long is the question.

Fresh for a month? Three? Forever (and hope they dont reverse?) i get the feeling eventually they will allow the transfers in.

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Well of course, no point in keeping the server closed forever. Progressing now is really easy so i think 3 months is a sweet spot

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lvl60 in legacy with 1 year of resources/gold obtained “you know how”, are going to wait to get in. 3 month is like not opening a fresh start server.

The only way i see a merge or transfers from legacy to fresh start is if the fresh start go really low in players after 6 or 8 months.

cheers and have a nice sunday! :beers:

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And then what? Those who are far ahead are gonna keep holding their territories on their own servers because they earn more. Everyone else won’t be much ahead or ahead at all.
Also low players on fresh? It is gonna be exact opposite, everyone will keep starting in fresh server from now on.

then? well… let´s see what happen first with all the new leveling experience, the new territory management mechanics they´ll add, a new market with no bad history, X4 playerbase because of the fresh start server announcement…

If in a year from now the game loose their player base again (because they didn´t learned from their mistakes), who cares if they merge both legacy and fresh? No one would be playing it anymore.