Proof Skill que is still broken

Patch released last night saying it will be fixed. Heres proof its not.



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@Luxendra @Shadow_Fox Not sure who else I can @ since im not Familiar with the mods, But do you guys even double check before you release a patch? I hate to be rude but this is embarassing.

Bump for awareness

my roomate tested the game this morning in OPR, changes didnt fix the current game. Voidblade still bugged and missing people in OPR at point blank range, character stagger steps after some abilities, and the dreaded waste abilities on weapon swap…

can they just admit defeat and revert the changes until the figure out whats going on?

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Skill Que needs to be removed entirely. The previous system had no issues with skills. Only issue was weapon swap. Desync and Lag and hits not Reg’ing is a whole nother monster they need to tackle and figure out lol but for now they need to scrap this system its useless

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