Proper Arena (1v1) - WHEN?

Dear AGS, why do I have to play with AFKers, trolls, chat warriors, leavers, PvE players in my team? It’s never true 3v3 / 16v16 / 20v20. Every single Arena\OPR game became just a quantity challenge between rare PvP players. So…

What makes you bypass the creation of simple 1v1 mode during these 1.5 years? Do you realize that players keep leaving the game every day? 2 PvP-modes are not enough. It’s so obvious.

If you have some doubts about 1v1 balancing or any other excuses, discard them already:

  1. Even without implementing additional features (like reducing Life Staff effectiveness), there will be many times more balance than we already have in existing modes.
  2. You will never get true balancing experience until you add 1v1 mode. This, among other advantages, is also an essential weapon testing ground.

You’re just delaying the inevitable. Until the project is abandoned.


Appreciate the feedback about 1v1 @ct2 Anyone else have thoughts on this?


The 1 vs 1 mode is not going to be fun, at least not for any build other than Meta.

But… what you put here is so true.

In a 1 vs 1, all the seams will be noticeable to the NW combat, and it has to serve as a reference for a possible improvement in the future.

As an additional, only for a possible LEAGUE, only weapons of the same type could be faced to make it competitive.

But for this AGS has to get rid of the idea that there are no CLASSES in the game, how? Simple one of the weapons becomes the main weapon and the other in the secondary. How would they be different… EXAMPLE: The secondary can’t access the last 2 lines in the weapon’s skill tree.

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yes, 1x1 arena are good idea, you can swap the gear and weapons more easy now, and create more builds, i have 3 build for arena :slight_smile: full freedom vs tanks, full fire resist vs firestaff etc …

YES PLEASE, we as players are making 1v1 weekly tournaments on our own building a fake arena with tents… we NEED a proper DUEL mode please make it happen, 80% of pvp players are duel enjoyers, this is so needed.


Actually I think throwing hatchet(one point on berserk tree(enreaged strikes))/spear build is pretty nuts for 1v1s lol

1v1 is preferred by a lot of PvP players but most importantly it’ll expose broken builds faster. I think you guys should implement in ASAP.


Balancing around a 1v1 is a bad idea ngl. This is a team game, some builds are support and that’s ok.

I see 1v1 being dominated by cheese builds, whatever the combo to 100 to 0 someone will plague it constantly. Now a 5v5 mode sounds way better of an idea for me. It highlights the team concepts that really make combat fun.

But honestly why not give us both, I’ll never play 1v1, but people will so add it. Honestly arenas desperately need a ranked system and cross server queues. I really hope they would focus ranked be between all servers for this. Would help to have role queue as well to match healer v healer


Why anyone would bring a support build into a 1v1 duel is beyond me and makes no sense. Of course we can have support build, team builds, and dueling solo builds.

Technically there are 4 pvp modes, Open world, Arena, OPR and wars.

Would I like new game modes like capture the flag, king of the hill, or even a one-life team death match? Yes.

New game modes are nice and I think they will come to the game a lot quicker once we have cross-server implemented for OPR, Arena, Wars etc. I just don’t see them being implemented till after the cross-server backend is complete. Have a little patience, in a year or two we will probably have many new PVP game modes.

New world is about group content, Opr, dungeons, and wars are set up as 5-man groups, and even elite zones in the world are designed for 5-man groups. Trying to balance weapons around 1v1 is difficult, how would you balance a spear user? In a 1v1 spears are incredibly overpowered as they are the only weapon that can stun-lock someone till they are dead. How would you balance life staff? How would you balance a melee vs a range player? How would you balance a light armor player vs a heavy player?

Perhaps having a weekly weapon rotation system where everyone entering would have the same weapon? That way you wouldn’t have to try and balance individual weapons.

Just make it live. It wont make game more boring than it is now.

With all the oneshot combos you will see what needs to be nerfed and then you can balance game properly, not just nerfing every single thing from your head.

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Great Idea, would be super fun to have it :slight_smile:


If you’re seeking to test your mettle against a single other player, you can always duel! I can understand the desire for this game mode, but we have other content planned that’s higher priority for us than 1v1 Arena mode at this time.


5v5 mode in one of those new castle spots

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I’d love it if you guys didn’t allow healers in random 3v3 queues. It’s not fun especially if 2 are in a group.


imagine 1v1 against healer - no disease = no win


I don’t think it’s about balance. Obviously some classes are god tier in 1 v 1 scenarios (bow spear) and some classes are god tier in clumps (great axe warhammer) and that’s to be expected.

I think they haven’t bothered with arenas because ppl can (and do) just duel each other.

I’m a vg life staff main lol so I’m screwed in 1 v 1 haha

Probably is to hard to copy paste same code, and change numbers


Wats the problem, 70% time your team prioritizing wrong content


Not realy maybe you lose first round, but on sexond round you can go full glass canon, take spear and weezling healer ;D

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