Proper Arena (1v1) - WHEN?

One shouldn’t believe or suggest that duels = PvP fights. There are major differences in the two fighting styles.
The game should offer some 1 v 1 PvP play, why not incorporate some mini 1 v 1 cap zones into OPRs? or as separate arenas? I v 1 PvP is fun and challenging, and a much better reflection of a players skill vs Gank PvP.

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I love the idea of 1v1’s but I’d like to expand on it.

I dont enough about the engine to make the assumption that its possible BUT I think what you all should do is use the Housing Instances pair with the lobby (group finder) system to allow for spectating and reduce strain on queues for current 3v3’s.

Should work like so:

  • Approach arena (or find on Group finder)
  • Select Matchmake (This will sort into current pockets/instances like the houses)
  • Match created, Lobby now visible for the rest of server (test the waters and set a limit to how many can spectate at first)
  • 3rd party player selects from lobby and loads in to being in the stand where the NPC’s are usually cheering. (War chat/area chat made for communication/heckling :sunglasses:)
  • Players in match have the ability at the end to declare rematch which is requires both to approve. This will prevent anyone from dropping instance and continuing the fun

1v1 and 5v5 should be options you can queue for.

Im fine with leaving 3v3 in, but it never should have been the main draw with arenas.

5v5 should be.

Well, np. There are some other promising MMO projects coming out this year.


My God, if we are lucky someone from AGS reads you and they carry it out


Isn’t there enough whining on the forum already?
Why would we want an inbalanceable game mode.

1v1s sure fun until a meta is created and that will be it for the 1v1 fun

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It’s true
The 1 vs 1 mode is not going to be fun, at least not for any build other than Meta.

In a 1 vs 1, all the seams will be noticeable to the NW combat, and it has to serve as a reference for a possible improvement in the future.

As an additional, only for a possible LEAGUE, only weapons of the same type could be faced to make it competitive.

But for this AGS has to get rid of the idea that there are no CLASSES in the game, how? Simple one of the weapons becomes the main weapon and the other in the secondary. How would they be different… EXAMPLE: The secondary can’t access the last 2 lines in the weapon’s skill tree.

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I mean it’s not fun when you have someone being pocket healed by their friend into a random 3v3. There’s a reason they don’t allow healers in 3v3 skirmishes in wow without a healer also on the other side.

I don’t think they’re going to ever do a 1v1 mode, let alone seriously. They’re struggling to balance the game around group play and 1v1 as it is. They made the only competitive form of PvP large scale, yet I think the combat really shines in small scale PvP. I think 5v5 arena can be a legit option

1v1 will be awesome, like in la2

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I’m only interested in an arena that is in the world and not instanced. I want to watch the matches and make tournaments, the way it is right now is bad

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You couldn’t be more wrong.

Balance should only happen around duels.

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Or could just balance Lifestaff for pvp. :joy:

I think LS is pretty balanced right now. Tbh I don’t think they can make it so there’s a healer on both side anyway. Plus there’s already a dampening effect so I guess it’s as good as it’ll get. It’s really not that big of an issue though people die so fast before a healer can finish their cast all the time lol

By the way. It takes hours to get 2 daily garnet gypsum pieces for 3v3. How about removing this low priority mode too? 2 hours spent in queue. 3 matches, 3 MVP. And just 1 freaking garnet gypsum piece as the reward.

Yeah. Who needs fast, fun and rewarding 1v1 mode when you already have a masterpiece like 3v3…