I surely do not understand and will never understand the property tax in this game.It is unreasonable and should be removed forever for good.Find another way a predatory company will get its money for upgrades.These company’s are in control of the main settlements in all of the servers for months now.Abusing the developers rules and dancing on the edges.This is a COMPUTER GAME don’t force players to pay taxes to other players.I am curious which developer had the last word or the idea about taxing systems.It is a horrible idea that is going to make even more people quit this game.The game already lost 80% of its players since release.As i see it from player perspective the developer`s vision is clouded by so many things they want to add but did not think it thru.The taxing system gave the players so many problems already its time to say “we screwed up!The taxing system is being removed!”.I stopped playing when taxes were 20% i just couldn’t keep up with farming gold for trophies which then get turned off because i don’t pay the tax.Now the trophies are useless, maybe the major loot luck trophy is not but since it costs 50k gold i am not going to get it so i have to pay tax to keep it active!Also i cant use the trading post since my storage are full in three major cities.Why should i keep playing?It is not fun anymore!

Thank you Dev with the TAX idea!One step forward three steps back!

I may not come back to see this post for some days.I hope people understand the problem and talk about it more often!

There is a sea of games where i don’t have to pay taxes,maybe it is time to move on from NW!

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