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Hey all, besides the fact that weekly property tax is slightly ridiculous, can anyone verify to me am i just screwed when i go out of town this week? I’ll be gone two weeks with no access to play, so any time i take a vacation what happens? I lose the property with no reimbursement? If anyone can provide some clarity on if that’s a correct assumption on that it would be appreciated. thanks :slight_smile:

I would be interested in a detailed response in exactly how it accrues and what happens if you don’t pay it as well.

Does it accrue forever?

What happens if you don’t pay it after x amount of time, etc?

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Here you will find some extra info:

On the second point (2.Housing Basics).

But I will check a little more to get more info about it to see if there is any option to avoid lose the property.

Thank you for that, so it seems like the assumption some of us are under of losing the property is incorrect? From that link it says you won’t be able to enter/host people. If so that’s great, when you find out more can you also find out will i pay “back taxes” or is it just basically you pay for a week of use? Lol


The information on that new world Housing wiki you posted is incorrect.

  1. You do not get 50% off of your property taxes for first house purchase (you do get 50% off of house purchase price for first house) - The in game ui clearly shows a 50% of taxes and house purchase price for first house discount in the window that pops up when you select purchase house. Apparently that is a “bug” with the ui. Unfortunately many people (including myself) purchased their first house thinking they would get the discount and are now stuck with the higher tax rate.

  2. First property tax payment is due 7 days after house purchase and then it is due every 5 days thereafter (so it is not a weekly tax, it is an every 5 day tax - that adds up over the span of a few months or year - lots of extra tax payments to plan for)

  3. If you do not pay your taxes, you lose any extra storage space granted by any chests you placed in your house. The storage space/weight is added back when you pay your taxes again.

Seems slightly misleading. The link that the customer service agent has linked clearly states " You will get a 50% discount for your first house purchase. (This includes a 50% off on the weekly Tax you pay)"

However general response seems to suggest its first week only.

Support said:
there is NO reduction on tax, its a UI bug.

the link you mention is an external source, managed by players with information they gathered.

The link was provided by a New World Customer service rep and was provided to provide info on the in-game housing system.

Does this change the fact, that fandom is not internal part of AGS?
It shouldnt have been provided in the first place, because its not official.

That is my point exactly Dezet, It is not official and it is incorrect. We are on the same page it appears:-)

Hi SirWolfe, I hope you are doing well today. Do you have any update on the housing property tax situation?

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