Proposal to combat cheating & exploits

I believe in order to combat the cheating, exploits, duping, whatever word you want to use, I suggest implementing a way to help players “catch up”.

I would like to see a pvp gear or token implemented into the game - which allows 520/535 faction gear to be boosted to 590-600. Essentially there is no way to combat the duping and exploits in the game. I see tons of people saying “roll back” or “create a fresh world for non cheaters”, etc…

**** Quick edit thanks to GrailQuest ***
I’d like to see this gear be something you have to grind for through pvp missions/faction points.

Instead of killing the population of this game, consider making a way for people level 60 to simply catch up. We assume/know level 60 and 600 GS is not the end of the game (except for this current moment). Take this as a chance to learn and fix the problem going forward, keep the population strong, and allow the non “cheaters” a way to catch the ones exploiting the game.

I understand the people who legitimately grind the gear may suffer some, but they will live. All of that time still pays off with gathering/trade skills in the end.

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LOL just hand out more free stuff?

How about the suspicious about of high-GS gear simply gets deleted.


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