Proposal to fix Wars and 1-3 Guilds controlling the server

title is clear. endless topics of multiple servers suffering from the same problem. One group of players controlling a server, through multiple guilds/accounts. This is hurting a game that is already suffering a lot. So many people are quitting the game over these issues.

Imagine a NEW PLAYER as of now, when would he be able to play a war?

what I think that could work is a combination of both below:

a) AGS should include a war penalty for people changing guilds. For instance, if I left guild A to join guild B, I would be unable to play Wars for X days. I suppose guild swapping would be less abused.

This, to be combined with:

b) AGS should set up fixed war times

ALL Wars should happen simultaneously. Everfall, Windsward, all cities, say it, 8 pm local time. At fixed dates, such as Tuesdays, Thursdays, or something like that.

Since you cant be in two places at the same time:

(i) more people would have access to Wars
(ii) companies would prioritize territories even more, making it easier for smaller companies to conquer other cities;
(iii) more gold flowing between companies, as a result of (ii). Less money concentration = better for the game

It will be very hard, even for a monster guild, to have 300 ultra geared people and defend 6 cities at the same time I guess. More balance, more diversity, more possibilities, especially for new players, which is obviously what AGS should be looking for.

furthermore, the only competitive pvp we have in NW is made of Wars. OPR, Arenas, world pvp, this is all dead until at least you release new game modes and a competitive/ranking system.

If not even Wars are available due to the above problems, there is simply NOTHING to do but quit.

I assume this wont be the solution you propose.



Also take a look at our proposals:

All they have to do is to implement “War weary” status. After participating in a war, a player can’t join another war for, say, 48 hours. This should be enough to join another war for a territory his company owns.
The second thing is a cooldown after leaving a company, Just like it is for faction, but, say, a week is enough for company transfer.

great, i missed it when I was searching for similar topics
I agree with your proposals as well, we are in a similar direction I guess.

this needs to be addressed and the proposed solutions seem to be quite simple to implement

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