Proposal to make crafting enjoyable again


Crafting is currently pretty much dead & useless, because:

  • There are many named items that are already BiS (Best in Slot), and that only require running expeditions a few times or farming a boss for a few hours
  • And for the slots where there is no BiS named item, with the amount of people running M10 expeditions the market is becoming more and more flooded with good or BiS bind-on-equip items.

The second reason will only get worse and worse as the game matures, thus making crafting more and more useless.

At that point, I think that allowing crafters to have more control on the crafts is actually not the answer. Or at least not the only answer. I mean by that, that being able for example to fix a 2nd perk won’t make crafting better, because there already are a lot of similar items coming from expeditions and mutated expeditions.

My proposal would be to have crafted items have 1 more attribute points than non-crafted items, thus making them really unique, and worth having. I believe it wouldn’t be game breaking, because having crafted items for all slots would “only” give 10 more points compared to someone using simple looted items. So no new breakpoints achievable.

But it would make the min/maxers out there willing to craft again, just for the “fun” of it.

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