Proposed changes for owned territories

So i was speaking to a few people in a company that has controll of 8/11 teritories on our server, I asked them what they thought of the propesed changes and which of their teritories they were planning on not focusing on, their reply was that they will be keeping them all.

It seems that why the game was on sale almost the entire company bouught an additional copy of the game, a core of 20 people bought 4 new accounts, they are now using the company funds to level multiple alts through townboards and what not and will be using the same money to gear up these alts essentially creating 4-5 duplicate characters on the server, with the propesed changes pretty much nothing will change for them.

Obviously this is extreme bt im almost certain that this company arent the only ones to come up with this work around. Jst thought that I wold mention this on here to see if anything can be done (i dont see any way to combat this extreme workarond they have come up with)


Just nerf gold profit on territories simples. People wouldn’t be willing to buy separate copies of the game just to own Territory if this was the case.

People have been saying that territory ownership creates a huge wealth disparity for ages. Sort it out AGS.


This is one worry that will keep happening, the gold that was generated can never be removed. Hence the idea of Fresh Servers.

I do understand that it’s a complete new grind and has many pathways to failure, but if it takes off, we can have a server finally without all the Gold Farmers, Dupers, and Mega companies who has 50Mil Gold.


This is being done as we speak, they are looking into this, but they already have enough gold to do this, what is done no won’t change those players wealth.

I like the idea of fresh start servers but i literally just leveled up a 2nd char to 60 2 days ago, i was hoping there could be some form of fix as opposed to brushing nder the carpet with fresh start being the only option.

if somebody wants to level and keep 4-5 characters at once…good for them…
i would only trade in the 3/11 zones and i would only attack the 3/11 zones but push every zone to war and let them sit in the little forts for 30 min x8 times …waiting bored…

you need a kingdom to be king

probably making AGS fix it is easier:)

The only way to stop shell companies abuse is to set territory wars on the same hour. That way everybody participate in 1 war per day, not 2+ wars per day.

Any other changes will make it a bit harder but in long term shell companies will still dominate.

PS: Yea, some bought the game again and started lvling. But there are plenty who bought lvl 60 characters and only geared it for wars.


Thinking about this now, this could be the only way.

One global siege time would certainly prevent one person from switching accounts and playing another war. They would have to make a choice on which war is the most important.

It is very strict because wars are really fun and to limit it is another form of gatekeeping but look at the lengths players will go through to hold power.

Im not suggesting this, just that this seems to be the logical solution.

Sadly I repeated it from the beginning and the huge majority ignored it or flamed threads with crap excuses like “I have work and real life”.
It was funny how “they have work and real life” during a fixed hour, but strange how they could attend wars without interfering their “work and real life” 1-2 hour before that fixed hour and 1-2 hours after fixed hour. :slight_smile:

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This is the only way to shut this down, unified siege timers across the entire region and worldset. That way no amount of accounts or alts would be able to circumvent the intended limitations. This would hugely open up war content to far more players on each server too, and would be the end of the same 100 people playing in all wars.

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