Protective Wyrd Crafting

Same! I have dropped the Protective Wyrd Shirt, the Protective Wyrd Shoes, and the Battle’s Embrace Boots and now I cannot complete their respective gear upgrade quests. I really just want a way of crafting the gear again or just restart the quest chain all together!

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It is disappointing that there were no bug fixes with the most recent patch, but has anyone in the community found a new way around this issue?

The workaround is part of a counter fix. Let me explain.

The workaround is to NOT take the materials out of the storage :

If you did take the materials out of storage, they are stuck in your inventory and here is why :

In the past, it was possible to store those materials in the storage.
Many were complaining that the armor could not be crafted if those materials were in the storage.
It was only possible to craft the armor with the materials in the inventory, as such a patch was made so that those items cannot leave the inventory.

Yes it’s one the reason this cuts so deeps. It’s because we did this to ourselves when we were organizing our inventories.

Its been a year, I dont want the weight removed from them as a “this will fix it”
when thats not the issue. the items are stuck in my inventory for over a year.

The quest is completed. The items cannot be recrafted to get rid of them.
Let me turn these into someone to clear them or something.

Please stop with adding new things to the game, when you have players that have been around since the beginning asking for help for over a year and you cant even fix that stuff.

How about allowing us to reset or abandon the quest and start over?

Exactly. Like they did with the Medley Faire.

I’m have the same problem… One solution would be to somehow make the blue ‘Shrouded Intent’ items available. Be repeating the quests or crafting them to use with those quest items that are locked in the bag.

I have the same issue. Please, I dont want to keep carrying these around and i keep seeing the recipe in the crafting station.

It really adds up over a whole YEAR of being mildly inconvenienced, you reach the point of just wanting these damn items gone and out of sight for good

Abosolutely agree, i mean its just crazy that this bug in game for more then a year, its nothing game braking but its annoying

On a bug section there is a same thread, with them answer on it, to be short, dont expect this items to disappear in near future