Prove me wrong please

I have been playing MMO’s since 1998 and I have to say that this is the one where I have become bored the quickest. It offers nothing that has gone before and what it has copied is a pale reflection on the awesome developers of the past.

The game is an eternal grind for azoth, specific leathers etc.

Spawn rates are ludicrously slow on sort after items

Someone can steal your kill as it does not lock to the original attacker, after you spend several minutes killing it

There is no economy per se as the drops are so frequent that you can change your entire gear every level. How can a merchant actually exist and if he does, what can the money buy?

Travel is the biggest grind. You get a quest, run for 15 minutes, spend 2 minutes doing the quest and then 15 minutes to another quest or the settlement. We play for the action not the running around. The azoth travel system is a farce and whoever came up with the idea is completely clueless

PvP is almost impossible if you do not belong to a major company. Wars, sign up and never get chosen because you are not in the biggest group… and even if you are you are unlikely to get in unless you are best mates with the self-appointed leaders. Dark Age of Camelot had an awesome solution to the problem, WoW’s OvP battles were even fun. NW… pointless for the majority. Well done listening to the biggest complainers from the smallest group.

The graphics is second rate given tech available now and the quality of other games out. The different lands are one of three basic types with mayby a few wisps here and there. Go look at LoTRO if you want to see scenery and a world that impresses.

The number of monsters is DUUUUUUULL. There are boars, wolves, elk, bears, pumas, rabbits and turkeys (I bet they are really proud of those), the lost and basic pirates in different colours. It is an early game yet, but that is a pathetic set of targets to put yourself against. It may get better at 60, but up to this point it is so same old same old when you go to a new area.

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