[PSA] CS confirmed players are getting banned for the MiniMap, no warnings

Well then someone’s out of touch now aren’t you? If people are getting banned for it and reporting that they’re banned for it then clearly it’s happened.

Why is the mod team so out of touch from the devs?

The simple solution: just implement a mini map in game like world of Warcraft has that you can select what is tracked. Further also add that feature to the current compass not that it’d really matter since tracking still breaks an the time

This would be cut and dry if CS weren’t so blatantly unpredictable.

Oh OK I thought it was all still up in the air and that it could only show your position on the map but no nodes or anything.

Thank you for the update :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile: The nodes it shows are just static markers on an image of the map. It’s really just a map image where other users have placed markers on it, so for node positions you just rely on users manually having placed a marker where they think a node can spawn. There is no live update on any information on it, except the players position which it gets from the game API.

In case you did not see the link to it the developer posted a new forum post on this matter: [Dev Blog] Mini-map


I did not see it yet! Thanks bunches!

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So, nobody was banned for using the Overwolf minimap, as I said. And nobody will be banned for using it in the feature either. So if you want to use it, use it.

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Well my account didn’t ban itself sooo…

You were wrong just like I said. Wrong. WRONNGGG and we told you so. The devs confirmed again it was fine to use Overwolf. Close this thread and have a good night. You lost.

They officially stated that nobody was banned for using the minimap just yesterday.

Yet people have been confirmed that they have been banned so which is it?

people say they were banned but infact they were banned for something other than Minimaps.

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entire team is garbaaaaaaaaaage

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They also said that there’s no auto bans and the dupes are all different… neither of those statements is true haha

Everyone is quick to jump on anyone else with “Where’s your proof” but these same people take every word the devs say as gospel… it’s pretty sad haha

Maybe those people did. other things that were against the rules? Honestly, I believe AGS here, nobody would get banned over a simple minimap. That would be the most ridiculous thing ever.

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You have no way of knowing this since it’s not like they tell you easily why you’re banned heck I read a dude was banned he claims no Ill doing and based on his game history and the way he posted I’m inclined to believe him. Not the mods / devs who can’t seen to give out consistent bans.

Seems to be that way kind of wish I could ask for a refund at this point

Been using it for a while, no ban. Dont be a butt head in game or abuse bugs and you wont get banned.

Also the mini map is broken atm as they fix it to be in line with there stated rules from devs.

They are not banning the Overwolf mini map atm. I also believe that they said they would give notice if they were to do so.

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