PSA: Don't try to reserve names for friends

Per amazon games support, names are locked to your account for 90 days after you delete the character. There is currently no way to unlink names from your account, so your friends won’t be able to use a name for 90 days even after you relinquish it.

So, yeah. Don’t do that, because the name lock in this game is crazy long. Figured I’d drop that here because I hadn’t seen this information anywhere else.


I’m not sure this has actually been confirmed yet. Just from 3rd parties.

I confirmed it with amazon games support via live chat, who I contacted to after I was still able to use the name while my friend could not.

I reached out to ask how long we’d need to wait before he could use the name. I figured maybe it was a 24-hour hold at most like GW2, which would have been fine since we weren’t planning to really dig into the game until this weekend. But the agent said the name would be held for 90 whole days.

So yeah, unfortunately a name can’t be used for three months even if someone makes a character and just drops it almost immediately afterward. Seems a bit abusable but it is what it is.


Wow ok, I was holding onto hope that it wasn’t true. Thanks for the info. So like 90 days from now there will be a ton of good names that open up again from everyone that reserved for friends.

Your agent said 90 days?
My Agent said it is forever linked to my account…

Yeah 90 days is what I was told.

I have a hard time believing it could be forever. I mean, with names being reserved globally? Nahhh no way.

Yeah I also doubt that it’s forever. But that was what I was told.

Two days ago I deleted my character from one server to use the same name on another server and I succeeded instantly

Yeah, you can do that since you used the same name on the same account.

If you deleted the character so that your friend could use the name on their account, they wouldn’t be able to use it for 90 days.

Really pissed off someone took my name. Permetheus … Made that name up back for Star Wars Galaxies. Some douche is stealing my name…

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