PSA : Expeditions have an Unkown Timer

So, my buddies and I have been trying to clear Genesis. We’ve learned a lot and spent so much time on the first boss fight (after the ridiculous buffs the devs gave to this expedition).
We’ve learned the mechanics and how we can work together.
We ended up going with tank in the middle alone and everyone else outside to deal with the stupid number of mobs that love to go for the healer.
(I still think they need to make some slight adjustments to the mechanics of this fight, it’s dumb how quick they spawn and how much damage the ones with the hammer do).

I admit it took us a long time but we pushed through.

We got to the last boss and then wiped a few times due to a weird bug where the healer couldn’t heal the tank so when we figured it out we had to wait for a relog and the tank to run to the expedition.

We gave it a few more attempts and got the hang of it. Literally 25% left on the boss HP and we all notice “expedition timer: 1min 30sec” at the top middle of the screen and guess what…we had taken the boss down to 1-3% before the expedition kicked us out…

We are just so damn angry right now about how much of a waste of time this was. Yes we learned but to just be kicked out and as we HAD IT. WE FREAKIN HAD IT…and we get kicked out.

Like…to be honest, this is a way to deter people from doing expeditions.
Why have a timer on this? what are you trying to do here? Some people want to spend hours, yes, hours, to work on skills and getting better.

Why have a hidden timer for expeditions? Why not post it and make it clear to people you have this much time to clear this expedition. The Devs need to look into this stupid idea and fix it…

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