PSA - Iron Song Music Box is interactive :)

I was not sure if the Iron-Song Music Box was interactive or not but I purchased the furniture pack to find out, thankfully it is.

I made a video showing the animation and music (you might have to turn it up some, audio seems quiet to me in the video I made).

Hope this helps some who were on the fence like me on whether to buy this pack or not.

@Aenwyn May I suggest some form of text on interactive store items that indicates that the item is interactive? I hem-hawed on purchasing the furniture pack because I was not sure if the music box would be interactive or not.

When I showed it to my GF in game, she even said she was not sure if it was interactive or not. This could make or break a sale, so it might be good to call out when a furnishing item is interactive.

I made a fast mockup to show what I mean.


This is a cool piece of furnishing. I was reluctant to buy it because I didn’t think it actually did anything. Was pleased to find it does!

Aesthetically, it’s not my style, but it looks (and sounds) cool as heck.

Thumbs up AGS and also nice little video Medazzal :+1:


Ya, I was on the fence as well. I was happy that it had an animation and music. I hope we see more stuff like this.

It’s not really my style either. I prefer the clockwork/streampunk aesthetic, but I hope that someday we might get alts and I think this would theme well with a “death knight” type character.

Thank you :smiley:

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