PSA: Speed hacks, instant dodge animation, infinite skill CD tools are around

The #1 Company on Utopia OCE encourages/provides their members ‘trainers’ that can toggle speed cheat, animation cancelling, unlimited skill CDs.


Myst Guild’s Gov’s reaction

If it’s a bug, can you toggle it on/off on the fly? Nice.


At this point I blame the horrendous game design and awful game engine. This will literally never stop. There will always be either bugs created out of AGS’ failure to test patches or due to the janky code and how it handles client side data. This game needs to be rebuilt on a legit engine AND have capable devs. I don’t think either will ever happen.


Pretty much.

With $1mil/day, companies have an incentive to exploit/cheat their way into holding territories.


Sorry, i’m totally distracted by the Symbols above the enemy Players. How to get them?

All of the clips look like the simple haste bug that’s going around. I had it where just being hit by a mob with autorun gave me this same speed until I did any action. A simple relog stopped it from re-occurring.

Those players using it in this fashion to gain an advantage is, of course, an issue.

Where are clips of the other “hacks”?


Same old excuse cheaters use to justify their actions.

Meanwhile AGS doesn’t want to ban them because New World’s almost fallen off the Steam Top 10.
Same story as ESO’s owpvp – if they actually went after cheaters and exploiters, there’d be hardly anyone left playing their PvP.

AGS didn’t take action properly and quickly against early cheaters and exploiters, and that caused most of the legitimate player population to leave, PvP especially. Now the predominant population is cheaters and exploiters.
For example, still no action against using the outright wiggle-your-window-for-invincibility cheats around Update 1.0.2. as well as all the other exploits that came after, literally at least one new one a week.

Officially an EXPLOIT but where are the BANS? - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums


Hey hey, it is design intended…

Players wanted mounts, but animals cannot be tamed… So now there are new sneakers on the market


This game is actually in a pretty bad state on some servers. In relation to bugs/hacks, the above link shows the server Utopia being largely profited for RMT by company’s such as Myst. More info in the comments.

P.S. Gaming chair reference is a meme for “dude that guy is hacking! Nah dude, just has a better gaming chair” meme

This needs more visibility or else the game will die even more

I agree with many of your points but very much disagree that most of the NW population cheated/exploited. Maybe many of those who own multiple lands and are fully geared out and can make new gear sets on a whim, yeah, maybe most of them. But I don’t see this across the general player population. Many are still leveling up.

Cheaters are very visible to those who play a lot, especially those who roam around (see bots all over) and to those who PvP a lot. It is an observation bias.

That said, I always want any gaming company to do more to stop/ban cheaters. Cheaters and bots are the #1 problem across all online games. And the numbers of these pathetic players is growing. All gaming companies need to really hammer this problem.

Exactly why towns should not make coin, but some other non-tradable/sellable currency solely for wars and upkeep. I’m so tired of the TP getting completely wiped before wars to shut the other team’s ability to prep.


These people need to be perma banned. If you do not do that then you must admit you do not care about balance or the players. These kind of hacks cause irreparable damage to the balance of servers and the economy. If you do not permanently ban these steam accounts they will just transfer to a new server en masse and do it with the next thing they can abuse.

These cheaters need permanent bans and AGS needs to list the names of the cheaters banned so people know action was taken.

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not a speed hack, is a bug


It’s a bug that I watch people trying to force and practice. That makes the bug an exploit.


I donno why you make that claim when it has stabilized as the 4-5th most popular game overall, down from 3rd, and have been the most popular mmo on steam since launch…

So I doubt that’s the reason they don’t ban players.

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game dead

all of the top guilds on every 1500+ server are using this same trainer and reselling gold – it’s mostly pushed by a chinese game hacking company – they occasionally will hack directly into the server and also they tend to steal from the people they give the hacks to as well so be careful with your gifted hacks :slight_smile:


Myst’s company’s reply after being exposed :stuck_out_tongue:


They’re Company (faction / Guild) Banners that represent the group of players you’re in. Join a company and you’ll get one.

It’s a tool that allows them to:

  1. Cancel weapon animation (GA/Hammer/Rapier/Sword/Void)
  2. Instant dodge/block (via animation cancel)
  3. Instant speed run (toggle on/off)
  4. Teleport to X, Y, Z coordinates using console commands