[PTR 10th Sep] Firestaff feedback


First of all thanks for the PTR. Wonderful addition between community and Dev-team!
Patchnotes of the changes from current Live build to the pushed Test build would be fantastic in the future.

The changes to the Firestaff weapon on the current PTR build, makes me wonder about the direction the devs want to take this weapon in the weapon arsenal choice.

There is no question in my mind, about an ability such as “Pillar of fire” should not be able to hit multiple times, when it is not in the tooltip of the actual ability or associated perks. Good fix even if i was heavily reliant and useing this, despite reporting it also in the Beta.

Correcting the core of an ability like that, makes sence and it will give a better overview of what the firestaff can do in the future, when things are working as intented.

Fireball being an other ability getting adjusted. No longer being able to crit seem to be a thing of the past, and I am speculating that when the Item-perk to boost direct Fireball hits for “X”% dmg would maybe be too strong when it started working correctly (it doesnt currently on Live).

But taking the Crit away from fireball is now making the two of the three abilities in “Fire mage” left tree unable to crit. While the tree has 3 crit-relatated passive perks, giving the overall feeling of Firestaff to not make much sence.
(meteor first tick can crit, but the following ticks of the channeled ability cant crit on Live nor PTR)

Alot of the perk giving Empower from different conditions such as %health, %mana etc. Have been reduced - I am kinda fine with that, as long as this didnt come as a result of us mages abusing the broken interaction with Refreshing pillar of fire and Pillar of fire multihitting. Because now we might end up with a total product of Fire staff being overly adjusted negativly.

Flamethrower being the most underused ability of Firestaff was probably no secret, seeing this ability getting some love is a welcome sight. However, this ability is so balanced around the 10dot stacks which can be negated in Wars via the clensing potions, that this ability will probably still not become a meta choice I fear.

Incinerate have been untouched, but for an ability with a "long windup animation combined with 3meter closerange requirement you put yourself at extreme risk for performing this ability in a meta where spamming CC from hammers is a thing. I will not say this ability is in dire need of Grid added to it, but shorter animation would probably help or slightly wider range to make up for the “risk vs reward” attachted to this ability. Or a better Armor-related perk to the ability, as mana regen is not helping the core issue of how dangerous this ability is to pull off.
Comparing what Incinerate can do, vs Whirlwind with newly added grid and Self-fortify perk something can surely be done.

The changes on PTR to Mages makes sence, its bugfixing and making the abilities/perks work as intented! Bravo on the rapid fixing speed. But adjustments will be needed to Firestaff when we look towards the future because the role of Firestaff is getting replaced by;

  • Bow/musket for Long range light/heavy attacking sniping.
  • IG / voidgauntlet for melee cleaving
  • Crowdcontrol is better on almost all other weapons
  • Burst is nerfed
  • DoTs are clensable and a none factor in Wars.

So what is the future direction and role of Firestaff dear Devs?


There is no sense at all my friend.
Firestaff needed some ajusts (less bugs) and some Upgrades!! They Downgraded !!
They just Killed Fire staff as a Build / viable Weapon.
Unless you like be useless on a party mostly of the time.
Simple like that…

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They knee jerk reacted on the fire staff. Everyone came to the forums saying “nerf fire staff” so the devs did.

AGS stop listening to the crying of people. Revert the changes to fireball.

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