PTR and trade skill changes

This post was made for the PTR changes and I can’t see anything about the trade skill changes.

Does that mean those are not going to make it live or are AGS just trying to pull a fast one and hope no one notices?

The fact there is also no feedback thread in the PTR forums for this kind of change is also worrying.

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I would also like to get confirmation on this issue. I am currently levelling professions and changes like these would massively impact the area of the game I am most interested in at the moment.

I have a feeling they wont openly announce sweeping economy changes on the forums. People that play the PTR will have an advantage.

my guess is they don’t want feedback on it, because they are they aren’t changing it.

In their defense, you can’t really test those changes well in ptr, the whole economy and world is different, no crafting stations, market, etc.

Still, the changes are bad imo.

each server does not have enough high teir nodes to support everyone needing to craft 500-1000 t5 gears. It also requires t5 stations, which are not super common on every server. A bad invasion=no progress for 24 hours.

The live system rewards crafting whatever is needed, and provided choice and options. The end result is one precarious method for all crafters.

which makes crafting harder, and crafting was already too difficult compared to other methods of generating items. (chest farms and enemy killing)

I prefer crafting less higher end items than more low end, but this change is problematic.

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I would really love to know this too, is a huge difference, if this change is coming or not will have a huge impact on ppls plans…can someone PLEASE officially comment on that??

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