PTR App Not Available in Steam

What do we do (who do we contact) if we don’t have the PTR app available in Steam?

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Are people actually downloading it already? It said they don’t launch for another ~3.5 hours.


It was supposed to be available to download yesterday. And, yes, I would like to preload it so that when it does go live I don’t have to wait to get in. :wink:

Can we get a bump i dont have the PTR and cant find it in hidden games or any place on steam

I have it now. But it sends me to their website when i try to launch it.

Restart your Steam

Same thing. The Steam download was 2KB. The folder where it installed has an internet shortcut and a shortcut to that internet shortcut to open the webpage about PTR.

Yeah, mine was the same, just a 2KB download, “play” goes to PTR blog post, quitting out of steam and restarting does not change anything.

It’s up…

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