PTR booting is restarting the whole computer

I haven’t had an issue with this till now. Just the other day when yall had the 6.4G patch, now when I go to boot the PTR the starting program throws my cpu over 97% utilization and does a hard reboot on my whole PC.

This issue doesn’t occur with the normal New World application. Only the PTR. All my settings are the same as the normal application. The PTR is also the only program on my PC that this issue is occurring with. At this time the PTR is completely unplayable for me as It won’t get past the first static screen that shows the New World logo.

My Systems Specs:

X570 Strix E Motherboard
5900x running at 4.7GHz
32Gig of 4400MHz Ram
6800XT Midnight Black Edition
6TB of SSD on board
1300Watt EVGA PSU
Custom Loop Water-cooling

Again the only difference is whatever the PTR application is telling the system how to boot up, its basically spiking my CPU and crashing my whole PC to reboot itself.

At this time, I’m uninstalling the PTR, re-install, will verify all files, and try it again to see if the outcome is the same.

Just did a full install and it failed again. Keeps rebooting my whole computer.

Good luck to yall who can actually get in to test things…i’ll keep trying to tweak things on my end, but it doesn’t look to be my set up in the problem.

Did you look in your computer and dusted the fans?

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