Ptr Bow problem

Isn’t it the choice you got to make? You either stick to what is perceived BiS for your class, or you get haste so that nobody escapes you ever again.

Haste can be utilised by EVERY SINGLE CLASS that is available in-game. Why, instead of getting it yourself sacrificing 15% of your dmg, you would go for the damage and then complain that someone using haste escapes you?

The only thing that remains for bow is damage. It has no more staggers as of season 1. It gets 45% estimated damage reduction as it is, and now the discussion goes on to get it nerfed even more, because all mele would love to have ranged standing still waiting to get wrecked.

I have mentioned it before, but bow barely exists in PvE, which I - and many more bow players - prioritise over PvP content. This discussion should not be centred around PvP experience only, and as far as I can tell the majority of people on this forum keeps on crying using OPR as prime example. Be all - end all.

It is not only unfair to us, I believe it derives from hypocrisy at this point and focuses on a minority of the player base.

Maybe all the PvP folks should use haste themselves and just stick to it rather than complaining when you say the damage is more important and you go for perk granting you just that.


I’ll just copy and paste so you understand

Bro do you know how much bruiser is getting nerfed? No bruiser especially after next patch will be using haste ulti over mauler for extra damage.

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No but every GS that kills healers runs skyward slash and its super easy to flourish and back up


Aren’t you on barri. Because on barri from top25 i can name every single bow player and its atleast 10 of them in top 25

Ok but that doesn’t counter the entire weapon… it buys you a little time to run away. It doesn’t actually counter it offensively. I’m sure the best rapier player can make it work, but you’re still at a severe disadvantage to the point if you get hit by one heavy you’re pretty much donezo. Also riposte doesn’t work against GS because of the range of GS heavies vs hitbox of riposte.

To say melee can’t ever catch them is just a flat out lie. Have you heard of assassin builds? They can stick to bows like glue to the point you either kill them or they slip away but your job of stopping their damage for your team is fulfilled.

And if we’re talking about damage, all you need is a greatsword to connect 2-3 times and you’re dead. Or an sns to land a bash into some type of combo.

This discussion is pointless. Arguments bringing in Barri, the lair of streamers and sweats seeking to exploit any viable build so that they can feel good about themselves seeing their score isn’t quite applicable.

Not sure how it has been ever since, but I remember well my time playing on Barri, and the people were hunting me non-stop. It wasn’t all that easy to escape, while more often than not - I would be dead. And I consider myself to be on the better-end of the skill ladder when it comes to playing bow & spear.

It definitely can be, and is countered. The question being what is the 2nd weapon for most. Flat damage is hight, but inconsistent, can be easily avoided and mitigated, with odd lucky-strikes when you get crit, then you get to see some insane numbers.

I have seen the video of the guy playing bow & SnS - do you think he had stayed far, far away? No, he did not. He was using bow up close killing people left and right. Though, was it up to bow, or SnS and it’s stagger potential? Well, the latter is the answer.

We arent talking about bow spear. You have no mobility other than evade which you dont run in war. Rapier + Light armor is the main problem of just living. Bows are also using more hatchet but that changes at the patch when they actually destroy it.

Who doesn’t run evade in war? Any good rapier uses evade lol. People who are bad use fnf and riposte. Evade and fletchette are non negotiable abilities

You get 15% empower with bloodlust too don’t you? I guess you would want maulers for the extra empower as “weaken insurance” probably even more so after patch

only if bloodlust works, sadly, most of time it doesnot work.
as the “look at your target” does not mean u need to aim your curser on the target, it means ur character has to be directly facing the target.

so it at best works half the time even on a dummy.

if they change it the perk condition to “within 15m of a target” it would be much much better perk.

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So you are speaking of both rapier and hatchet that offers additional movement boost. Gottcha. Now, tell me how it makes it so that the bow should be nerfed? And how that applies to PvE since a majority of the player base does not engage in PvP content much. Even less so in wars.

Most competitive bows run explosive, triple shot, penshot

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I thought you were talking about rapier lmao.

Oh no I was talking about evade shot lmao. Rapiers 100% use evade

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bow and musket base damage should drop. 4k-5k damage is unacceptable from a distance of 100 meters

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Should a bow be able to land their shots and kill you before you kill them?

If no then you want now out of game.
If yes but with certain conditions then there will be people who can fulfil those conditions often.

EU worse players? Eu is the biggest sweatfest in any game. Its the NA lobbies in games which have plenty of dads, kids and usually are low tier skill lobbies - in any game.

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