PTR: Brimstone Sands Houses Compilation

Hi there,

I just made a video that showcases the houses in Brimstone Sands Capital in the PTR.
The house prices may be different when they actually launch them.

I also hope that we can buy a 4th house…


Thanks for putting this together, Fox.

I checked out some of them on PTR as well and while they’re fine, they don’t excite me personally. Ebonscale Houses remain my favorite in the game with upcoming Everfall revamp at #2. I hope they continue to add variety to housing styles.

I’d really love to see them add houses out in the overland someday, especially with bigger yards (or maybe farmland? hint hint AGS!)

Speaking of Everfall revamp, I think I should make a compilation for Everfall houses as well.

I just wish AGS will allow us to get a 4th house instead of abandoning the one that we have already and spent so much time decorating.

I’d really love to see a house that has a big yard tbh. That would be sick! I can only imagine what I can add to a bigger yard… AGS come on


Give them purpose in that case then as well, think farming, animal husbandry, tree planting.

Thanks for the vid, nice overview. Not hindered by the issue of needing a 4th house myself, only have one. Looking forward to a second in BSS though. Personally I think the limitation in number of houses may as well be dropped now though. A lot of the benefits of owning multiple houses have slowly faded away to a certain extent after all.

House at 1:38 looks really nice. Love the upper area that you can climb onto. Hoping that you can place a chill sitting area there and can place on the roof if you wanted too. Didn’t expect them to let you jump onto the different roof areas like that. Also love the open entrance area. The housing format seems unique? Will have to check it out and see what the views are like in the game just to confirm. Wish they didn’t have the two closed doors though. Feel that your attempt to smash the one was very appropriate haha. The other larger door would have been cool if it was open? Across from the main entrance?

3:10 looks like it has a nice view. Just not the correct tier for me.

6:00 I kinda like the backyard being right next to the main road and visible. I like that! Think I saw that was a tier 3 though? Wish you could buy any house and just upgrade the features so that doesn’t become a limiting factor when choosing a house. Upgrading to let you have more lights, decorations, more storage chests, etc. Instead of it being directly tired to the housing tier.

7:20 house you missed a balcony! Nooo!

Also feel like there might be one or two tier 4 missing? I went through a few in the PTR, but I feel like it’s missing one of the high tier houses. Unless it’s that room that is missing in 7:20 that I’m thinking about? I have an image in my mind that I liked and didn’t see it in the video but it could just be me misremembering.

This is awesome though. Feel like these videos are so helpful for people that love the decoration part of the game. Thanks!

Thought that I would look at the Tier4 Houses a bit and see if this helps people who are interested in furnishing/housing/decorating. It looks like there are 5 tier 4 houses in Brimstone Sands. 4 of those are repeats of each other but there is one that stands out and looks unique from the rest. What I think is important with the ones that are repeats are the views and locations. I tried to get a picture of where it is on the map for those that wana go and check them out.

This is the standard tier 4 that you will see for 4/5 of the houses. It has two rooms on the ground floor. Then three stories. Two balconies. One in the front that is small. and a large one off the side. When it comes down to these cookie cutter houses your choice really comes down to the view and location. This one is kinda secluded if you are looking for that. I think there are two others that beat this one in terms of view (for different reasons). Then of course you have the unique house which you can can compare based on your preference.

Another copy of all of the other ones (with the one exception). This has one of the best locations in terms of being near the town square, being visible, and being near the crafting stations. The front balcony view is nice but I wanted to take a picture of the side area, so you can compare to the other. Of course it is a different view than the other image but wanted to make sure I captured it.

So it seems all of the Tier 4 houses are just replicas of each other with the exception of this one. I personally love the entrance area in the same way that I prefer houses with a front porch you can decorate since it is the most visible part of your house to the world. The layout is unique and the top area I had to go and test it. So I bought the house and can confirm that you can place items up on the top area, which you can jump up to. You can place on the roof as well. I tried to capture that with my screenshots. It has a pretty nice view as well. I think this is by far my favorite house of all of them right now. When it comes to Tier 4 houses at least.

Another copy of the other ones. I think this one has the worst view of them all so likely at the bottom of my list.

Again same format as all of the other Tier 4 houses (other than the one exception). I do think this one has one of the best views so I included some of them. It all depends on what kind of view you are looking for. If you want to be central and near the townsquare/crafting area then this might not be your top pick.

Finally wanted to point out that this house here has a really nice view and you get access to your roof. It is a tier 3 so keep that into consideration.

Also another one to consider if you are wanting to be as close to the crafting action as possible. Also tier 3 though.

Yea, I missed those houses. Man those are some good ones.

I’m really really hoping for a 4th house though. Honestly would be cool to allow one in every town but thinking that might strain the servers based on previous issues they have had.

Still, would be cool if they can find a way to make it happen.

sadly peacocking is broken in brimstone just as it is in er at t4

I think it’s just reasonable for AGS to give us 4th house since Aeternum is growing… plus, I don’t want to give up my old houses since I worked hard to design them. :frowning: