PTR - Can we please get some town buffs?

With all of the changes that have been made to crafting, it would be REALLY NICE if we were able to actually craft things 595-600. You gave us a Weaponsmith buff in WW (that has now expired). Can we please get all of the buffs activated? We’ve managed to find workarounds for the fact that you didn’t give us trade skill earrings or trade skill food, but there’s no way around not having the town buffs.

If you want good and accurate feedback, please give us the ability to test things in the way that they will be used in the live game. Or at least tell us why this can’t be done / hasn’t been done already. I’m sure we’d all be happy to do town boards if that was necessary.

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Yes, please. I would love to do a full set of 595-600 rolls

It was really nice being able to do this when they had the weaponsmith buff up. I was able to fully log every weapon I rolled, with the perks, attributes, and salvage return. Would love to be able to do this with armoring, arcana and jewelcrafting as well.

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Would be nice if they also included earring for crafts in the crafter box. Also infinite azoth and trade skill recipes or the craft food itself from the latest tier. It’s insane that we have to spam cooking aptitutes and pray for a T5 crafter recipe.

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Agreed. Spamming cooking aptitude is also where I get all of my azoth vials. I swear that I remember the Playtester Azoth vials at one point gave you 1000 azoth each, but they’ve been back down to 50 the last 2 times I’ve come on the PTR.

Although, again, without town buffs up, there’s very little reason to use Azoth in your crafting. 600s will still be almost all legendaries, and being able to spam hundreds of crafts at a time is worth the trade off when your range is 590-600. When it’s 595-600, then fine, do the 20 or so at a time with azoth. But 590-600 is 60 or 75 azoth each, so you basically get to do like 12 crafts before reloading.

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