PTR changes are a proof there's a problem with gamedesigners in this game - not talking about balance

I won’t ever talk about balance here.
Let’s say Fireball is OP and deal too much damage - fine.

Let’s say it’s true.

You’d nerf it by increasing it’s coldown, lowering it’s base damage (or both) right ?

They nerfed it by disabling crit on it. You can’t crit anymore with Fireball is the way they found to nerf it.

Problem is : FireStaff - and it’s left tree where fireball is - is all about CRIT / CRIT MOD.

You have 10% extra crit mod at 100 INT
You have 15% extra crit chance and mod from 2 perk on SPELL. ON SPELL.

What. Is. The. Fuckingg. Point. Of. Those. Perk. If. Your. Spell. Can’t. Crit

Can someone explain ? A moderator ? A dev ? A gamedesigner ? The marketing team ? (Wich is probably also the gamedesigner team)

If you believe it’s too strong, nerf it’s damage. Don’t make it so it’s a totally out-of-place spell who suddenly have no more synergy with the godamn weapon it’s on for ??? reasons.

Can we all agree this is pure absurdity ? Is there anyone here who believe that’s a great way of nerfing the spell ?

How could any gamedesigner find this “”“solution”"" and convince the whole team it’s the best decision ? Please someone explain


but but but but there are 2 other spells the crit can work for.


Yeah right ?
I think they could also just make it so FireBall only cast half the time. Sometimes it works, sometimes nop. This way it’s nerfed, and you can also save some computing cost server sides. What do you think about my gamedesigner solution ?


Sorry did i miss this change OP?, please tell me this is not on ptr at the moment.

It is. Read the fireball tooltip. It says “This spell cannot crit”.

That’s not a bug. That’s a gamedesigner decision. Fireball can’t crit anymore

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Ooooh no, better let the mages in the company know. Fireball is like bread and butter to mage builds…

Specially when your 100 INT perk is “increased crit damage”
And when you have 3 weapon perk saying

  • Crit chance on SPELL are increased
  • Crit damage on SPELL are increased
  • Crit on SPELL burn peoples

4 perk about crit (3 of them are only for spell), yet your spell can’t crit by gamedesign decision. What kind of madness is that


I agree they nerf with a sledgehammer… blindly smashing the core issue and everything around it. It’s like being a dev is just a job… can’t really be bothered thinking about how to fine tune the game… let’s just obliterate the problem.

And so life staff is nerfed, again, again and again. To the point it is almost worthless.
There’s no dots… no bonus, no aoe… just dd… the combat is becoming as bland, boring and cookie cutter as the towns and landscapes and generic mobs.

Soon, I suspect, only the bots will be playing new world.

Weapons should be unique and overpowered… instead of making them weaker… make all the other weapons stronger.


Yeah it’s truly insanity. It’s like they tried to nerf it by removing as much fun from the weapons as possible. And it wasn’t just 1 nerf that made no sense like 80% of everything gets nerfed and we don’t even get a reason why while everyone has to freak out about the weapons they spent hundreds of hours improving and optimizing for are now worthless.

I don’t know brother, i am having a hard time believing it and wish one of the devs would jump to explain the logic to this…

I agree, but im not even talking about nerf being right or not here.

Just the nerf decision. Remove crit on a spell when the weapon is about crit on spells.
Like… what ?

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The constant nerfing of everything to make all the few forum cry babies happy is getting annoying.

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Only moderator will come here and they’ll probably delet this post because it “doesn’t spread positivity towards the incredible gamedesigner/dev team” or something like that.

Im a gamedesigner/dev myself and i’ve never seen that. Im shocked really. I don’t know HOW a whole team of professionnal dev could come up with that kind of solution


Ill try to keep this alive until we get some answer just because i don’t understand at all and i should explain this.

I am running a Paladin build ( sword and board + Life staff) almost 600gs. Now in pvp i cannot really die, btw if anything they should look at pvp healing its too strong. But that is a topic for later, anyway if i come across a mage they tend to be running ice gaunlet and fire staff.

The ice gaunlet can mess me up badly but nothing i can’t handle.

The fire staff though… that just tickles lol, hence my confusion regarding this change. No fire staff user is ever gonna kill me without assitance or by getting a lucky ice spike off on me first.

Yeah the removal of the crit is insane and the worst change on there

I could actually live with most of the nerfs but I want the crit damage and the no crit gone

It’s obvious from the changes to Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet that the game designers prefer to play great axe and want to keep adding advantage on their side.

Otherwise, frankly the game designer decisions make no sense.

Also some magical abilities should have grit. Why do no magical trees have any form of grit? Also magic trees have very little CC outside of ice gauntlet (which of course was just nerfed).

So hmm. Yeah, think the game designers want some hack and slash. They also want to push magic users to lighter armor to make it easier to hack through them.

When viewed in this light, the game designer decisions seem pretty obvious.


The main mistake from AGS is that they approach nerfing things by attacking issues from different angles at the same time. Why not gradually nerf a couple of passives and see how it sits to see if further adjustments are necessary? No. We just throw the brick through the window and completely nerf a weapon into the ground (while the arguably strongest weapon in the game doesn’t get touched AT ALL).

Their take on balancing is not only too heavyhanded, it is also not really encouraging for the future of the game. Farming up a full set of gear and good weapons for weeks only to find out your favorite weapon is complete garbage is just really disheartening. I really hope they pull back a little on some of those changes (most importantly the fact that fireball is no longer able to crit) and go from there. The PTR changelist is just not thought-out properly and it’s easy to see that the people in charge of balancing are not actually playing their own game.


Yeah my point is that :

We can disagree on FS needing nerf or not (and i disagree with them)
But… Why would you nerf it this way ? By removing crit on your main spell ?
There’s very simple way to balance it if it does too much damage : lower damage, higher coldown.

Removing crit is objectively an absurd decision

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Even as a hammer main I found it odd that weapons that are powerful got buffs and those that were meh got nerfs. I am pretty much 200 strength, 200 constitution but I have a life staff as my second weapon just to heal myself a little bit when I get into trouble in PvE. It’s pretty crap but it’s better than nothing. If the changes that they are testing on PTS go live it’ll become a pretty useless 11.5kg stick to carry around for someone who is not completely dedicated to a Focus build.

When I go in to a opr and half the teams are fire and ice users, i find that to be a problem , usually means something f"ed up … And actually im getting tired of the bullshit with weps, hachet, ice ,fire , tired of the animation canceling and so on. Anfd the f boys will always find the one thing that is a bug or exploit to have a leg up… so yeah i hope they nerf fire and ice right into the groud