PTR changes are a proof there's a problem with gamedesigners in this game - not talking about balance

Fireball gritting was a two way bug, if you were to crit with a fireball on retail and you had no crit modifiers it would do no bonus damage, it would only apply the damage from your bonus crit dam modifiers. I assume it not applying the 1.25 modifier was the bug and now they come out and say it was intended and the modifiers applying was the bug lmao.

They’re so out of touch with balancing it’s insane.

To be honest if the designers don’t have any idea how to “balance” the game i would be happier if they nerfed fire staff as hard as they are intending to now instead of gimping ice gauntlet completely, making it essentially useless. It will become a icestorm/pylon then swap into another weapon.

@TeRyn They nerf’d pillar too. It used to be able to hit twice on if you placed it perfectly, now it only hits once. Which if thats not intended, which I always thought it was because of the way it is placed, they basicly dropped its dmg by 100%

And yet, they deny the game is in beta… At least this time there is no tooltip argument since the tooltip maybe altered when/if these changes are implemented into the live-beta version.

However, I don’t understand the complaint when everyone can freely use the Great Axe until the beta is in a more stable state. These topics are confusing.

the only thing i could rhyme together is that the fireball perk in conjunction with mage crit bonus was doing too much damage, but just nerfing damage or cooldown would be fine no? i mean if mage has some ultra burst skill that is fine no? like a signature skill.

same with musket though, you do under 1k dmg to some people, and what do they do? 5% dmg increase and some cooldown reduction.

no clue how they are testing this, can’t rhyme this one together

False fireball was never causing crit it seems (or so they say) all the stuff on PTR is happening…its not changing now.

  • Fireball
    • Added additional clarity that the Fireball ability is not able to crit. Previously it would show the Crit damage color, but not actually deal increased damage. It will no longer show orange damage numbers, and an additional tooltip was added.
      PTR and November Balance Changes

i see, well sorry

i never played any mage stuff, so i didn’t know. guess this needs to spread around then, since it’s the most common complaint i see atm.

Posted on the PTR forums for fire staff

  • Fireball
    • Added additional clarity that the Fireball ability is not able to crit. Previously it would show the Crit damage color, but not actually deal increased damage. It will no longer show orange damage numbers, and an additional tooltip was added.

There 6 spell firemage can use 5 of them can crits. Maybe try others as well?

LOL the decision makers are clowns, they have no idea whatsoever. Played MMO’s for over 20 years and this is the worst one I’ve ever seen apart from Bless Online.

Its so frustrating because this actually had potential, they killed their own game with the poorest decisions ever, sack them all for any chance of saving this freak show.

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It’s not even good enough for beta, its literally Alpha quality.


Not only that, PVP BIS is basically resillient set still and this relevancy of fireball for people who doesn’t have resilient.

Imagine playing a glass cannon class (yes fire staff is a glass cannon because it only excels at DPS, no CC, whatsoever) and doing less damage than bruiser class.
Like imagine playing ADC in League and doing less damage than the tank. In fact, rapier and spear are supposed to be “assassin” type of class in this game, yet they are also doing less damage than GA lol. GA got dmg, self heal, cc, gap closer, aimbot light/heavy attack.

Incorrect. You can see fireball dealing increased damage on crits here…

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But this information is inaccurate as can be seen here…

Sounds like they are covering their butts with a code problem and would rather nerf it than fix it. They must double up as designers and PR department. /s

you literally reposted exactly what I did. I just left it in the brackets and deleted the extra text that I thought wasn’t as relevant

Real question here.
Besides STR weapon users, that are AGS little boys, are anyone happy with the changes to DEX/INT/FOC weapons?

Cause from what I read, even with buffs, irrelevant weapons will still be irrelevant, some relevant weapons will become irrelevant.

Only str weapons that are arealdy strong AND META, got overall buffed.

Or as I profess don t rely on the weekly meta and focus on builds you enjoy that are not Meta.

Personally Find I have no problem with PvP, I die, they die, and we both get respawned to do it all over again. There is a reason you can level every weapon, mastery all gives one some excellent game knowledge imho. There is much more than PvP in the game because it’s not a strictly PvP game it’s a blend.

Death is meaningless if you get to come back infinity times. You are a god stop acting like a mouse. :grin:


The premise of your argument is not correct. It is true that fireball never received base crit damage – only the 20% crit damage from the Prophet of the Fire God perk. This is known. The devs just never distinguished between perk crit damage and base crit damage when they announced the “nerf,” which isn’t even a nerf, because they are idiots.